Tuesday, 5 August 2014

On insurance and so on

So the insurance paid out my money for my camera and I have it replaced. I am so totally happy to have a camera again - I do feel rather helpless without it. Santam really came to the party for me as they did for a cracked windscreen a while ago when the claim was immediately approved and I was phone within 20 minutes with the details. This of course took a bit longer - my camera model is not available any more and replacement models had to be checked.

They have a brilliant way that they do this - you can either have them replace the item or they pay the amount into a debit card that they deliver to you and you can then spend it on whatever you want, or as I did seek around for a good deal and replace the stolen items.

I have however learned a couple of things in the process which may just be worth your while to check if you have it in place, specifically with items specified under a policy that you may carry around like cameras, ipads etc. Having all these in place made it way easier to submit and finalize the claim.

1. Keep a proof of purchase - this can either or both be the payment docket or slip and the packaging
2. Keep proof of the serial numbers - you give the serial numbers when you specify under your policy - I had the bits of packaging with the serial numbers on in my file with the original purchase slip.

I have also learned that I will from now on try to personalize my camera strap. The way my camera was stolen was possibly by someone just hanging it around their neck and walking away - we do not know this, it's just the police's speculation. Apparently there is a spate of these type of thefts right under our noses a school events. If it had a non stereo type Canon strap on maybe just maybe we would have seen the person walking around or they would not have taken it so easily.

I do hope I have so many happy moments with this camera as we snapped on the old one.


  1. Thanks for the tips.

  2. I"m SO glad you got a new camera.

    Some more tips for others - check each of your "mobile" items and make sure they're specified on your insurance policy otherwise they won't be covered in about 95% of cases.

  3. I feel your pain about having a camera stolen. Remember when my camera handbag was stolen a bit more than a year ago from next to my bed? Santam paid out quickly but I have specified all my camera equipment with serial numbers on our policy now.


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