Tuesday, 21 October 2014

When Pretoria paints herself purple....

 You know that apart from the pretty and your irritated sinuses it is also RAD exam time and way way more hectic that the fourth term brings. By the way, did you know that Pretoria also sports one street with white Jacarandas? (You can see them on the city view above towards the foreground). Herbert Baker street in Groenkloof if you want to take a drive. ) Back to the realities at home.

As I said - RAD ballet exams was yesterday. The Princess is positive it went well. It is a difficult but very beautiful syllabus - in fact, next year they are not going on with grade 4 as half their troupe will be below the minimum age - so they will do grade 3 solo next year and grade 4 the year after.
This is called a character skirt and shoes- a small part of RAD ballet
 She also scored an A++ with her drama partner in unprepared drama last week. Unprepared drama always has me totally amazed as they get 10 minutes to study a  story, prepare a piece and bring it on the stage. No help from the teacher. She was so happy with that much coveted A++ and there were only two groups that afternoon that managed that score.

Mr L has a huge week ahead - their grade R graduation is a total concert with two numbers per child, costumes etc and then the actual capping. The concert is on Wednesday, Thursday nights and Friday morning (for grandparents) and his class' capping on Thursday night. Apparently he is enjoying it a lot and I can not wait to see him on stage.

Mr C is doing well and  he has an artwork on show at the school's cultural evening. Can not wait to see it.

Jacaranda time is also Santa Shoebox time - I know a lot of bloggers are involved but do get involved if you are not already. This year I was very brave and took the 3 kids (plus friend K in tow) to shop for "their" kids last Saturday morning. They chose every item themselves - up to the colour of the toothbrushes. After this shop the boys added stickers, A added a little necklace and alice bands for her girl and I added little money purses for all 3. The boxes are choc and block and we will deliver on Saturday. I love how this teach them that they are so very privileged even if they are not rich they have way more than some other kids.

 Ever wondered how to get a book into a shoebox? This is what we do - roll it, secore with a rubber band, fit diagonally into the box and fill roll with items.
So what's happening in your word?


  1. absolutely love your dancer in the street photo, it would make a beautiful painting

  2. The kids are busy. And thanks for that idea of how to get a book into the shoebox I always wondered about that.

    And pretoria is just a stunning in Jacaranda season ...

    1. I always struggle just to get shoeboxes - so I need to make the ones I have work

  3. And here I just fiddle and faff around the house UNTIL I find a box that is long enough :)

    Connor says, "can we drive to Aunty R's house?" (he wants to see your jacarandas) Teehee!

    1. Ag mom, take him on a tour! Old Broolyn's streets are the best ones

  4. Love Pretoria when the Jacaranda's are in bloom - fantastic to run a race early in the morning and all the footsteps of runners are hushed because of the petals on the tarmac.

  5. Those Jacarandas really are beautiful - need to see them in person one day!

  6. October Jacaranda time is the best! When Oliver says Jacaranda is sounds like a combination of jacaranda and orange!

    Good luck with all the school activities! Nearly the end of the year, a 3 day week of school concerts are really hectic!


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