Wednesday, 22 October 2014

This that and the other

Some really random photos and chatting today.

So who is old enough to have grown up in the 80's? Remember these? Yes, they are back and the girls apparently like them. Just now, they come with glitter inside. I think we use to call the Jelly Babies?
 The many sizes of a Lego Yoda figure - Mr C is quite obsessed not only with Lego but also Yoda - he even pulls his face like Yoda. The boys asked for Lego or money for their birthdays and each got a small fortune - we went to the Lego shop and did BIG shopping. Mr L bought one of those huge City sets which he build in a week. Mr C bought a very difficult house and a Yoda alarm clock and watch that has a mini figure included. The Yoda LED flashlight (middle size one) was a present from his sister. (Mr L got a Startrooper LED flashlight)

 On Saturday A and I had a girls afternoon. We do not often get the chance so I let her choose. She chose to go shopping (we had to buy a swimming costume and she also got to choose some dresses and tops) and to have a milkshake at our local newest sensation - 23 on Hazelwood. This is a Nutella milkshake with a mini doughnut on top. It was divine but completely too much.
 The boys at the same time had a stunning Blue Bulls rugby party. The mom bakes amazing cakes - but just look at these sugar cookies!
 Our first roses are in bloom - makes me so very very happy!
 See the little froglet? The kids discovered him on an outing and spent some time just studying him. Very very cute indeed.
 And the final bit of random. Who can guess who decorated the cakes below? One is by my twin boys and the other by A and her BFF.

It turns out boys go for pretty and equal spacing and girls for what looks like total random too much of everything. With a banner "the Ocean" . After some explanation I could sort of grasp that there is a bed of sea plants and two black whales. But seriously?


  1. Definitely old enough to remember those shoes! I think we called then jellies or something like that! Fashion just keeps being recycled!!!

    Ha! I guessed right on the cake. Hmmm let me look for the whale amongst all the sugary goodness

    I'm not big on milkshakes but that just looks divine

  2. N has the same everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to decorating cakes hehehe...

    Your roses are beautiful!

    I remember seeing those shoes but my dad had a strict no plastic shoes policy...and he mostly approved of a no shoes except in winter policy too. ;-)

    1. I have to say mine are 90% of the time with bare feet but she is starting to now think at least shoes for church, shops etc.

  3. I CAN'T believe those shoes are back in "style" it's crazy!

  4. I remember the Jelly Babies. That is all I wore while at university.
    I thought the cakes was decorated the other way round ;-)

    1. When I saw the cakes I thought exactly that!

  5. I definitely remember those shoes!! I never had one growing up though :-( ... my girls would adore them in pink or purple ...

    I also thought the cakes were decorated the other way around :-)

    1. I eventually found them at Ackermans and yes, there are pink ones. GO have a look


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