Friday, 30 January 2015


Last night I went to bed at 8:20. I thought I would read a bit but it turns out that I rather slept an uninterrupted 9 hours and 10 minutes. I obviously need the sleep. And its all part of what my word for the year is about.
This year's word had no long thinks, reasoning etc around it. In fact, I stood on the beach on New Years day realizing that I had not even given my word of the year much thought. "Brave" served me extremely well last year and encouraged me a lot. This year is going to be tough, like last year but I need a bit more for myself, as do my hubby. We need a bit of sun to shine on us too in order to be the parents and the family we want to be. "Nurture" just came to me there and then - I grabbed the phone, wrote the words, took the picture and they were promptly washed away seconds later.
Nurturing our children comes naturally to us all. But this year I need to do it with even more conscience- L will need a lot of help to get him well on the track in his school career, C will need to build on confidence and A is in grade 4 that means she will need to get the serious school stuff like study and tests going. We also need to nurture time together and doing things that we love together.

But apart from that I also need to nurture for my own happiness:

My Hunter - my rock, my knight , my love. We had a tough and sick start to the year with this horrible chest thing.

Family - so very very precious. I need to nurture all those relationships even if they do not always come so easy as friendship.

Friendship - I was a terrible friend last year. Things just fell by the wayside of the troubles the year had. I need to nurture existing ones, rebuild others, maybe make new friends.

I need to nurture my relationship with God - learn more, pray more, read more, listen more.

Our house - it needs a lot of nurturing this year. Enough said.

I also need to nurture myself because I need my bit of sun too. An extended nights sleep is a good start. Doing things I enjoy talk to my soul - painting, Project life etc. I also intend to look better after my body - exercise, eat right etc.

So there's my word for the year. Do you have one?


  1. Perfect word. And no you were not a bad friend in 2014 you just had too much to deal with and something was bound to take the back burner.

    And no I don't have a word

  2. Thanks for posting about your word!

    Here's mine:

    Mind you, my house needs a lot of nurturing too. I had a TON on my list last year but only spent huge amounts of money til I resigned (obviously) and then I wanted to see if this would work out.... now I'm ready to spend again, and it's going to take a lot. Things are worse than I thought when I made my house list :o

    Can I suggest something? Schedule the friend dates in. It works for me, sometimes it's far in the future (like two months, seriously!!!) but at least it'll happen.

  3. Mine is nourish. Starting with myself. For all the same reasons as u. I figured that if I did nit nourish me the rest of my life would be in tatters!

    So we are on the same page!!!

    1. I guess it could have been my word too - very much in the same line

  4. Love the idea of living out this word in all sphere's of your life! Think I should choose a 'word' too!

    1. Do it! I have had 3 years where my words worked wonderfully for me.

  5. Great word!
    Mine is "dream" - DREAM BIG! Large! Impossible! Make it happen!

  6. No word for the year but an idea to "keep trying" is going to be a sort of theme, maybe. Who knows.

  7. I love your word for the year!

    I wish you all the best in 2015 in your nurturing journey!

  8. Love your word my friend...and it fits like a glove.


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