Friday, 9 June 2017

Five for Friday edition 29

It's been ages since I have done a five for Friday (March in fact - gosh time has flown). But let's have a quick catch up.

1. We had bookclub on Tuesday night and heavens, did Heidi that hosted go out to the full to impress! She did a variation on a Masterchef recipe - just look at the photo! The toadstool stem is a caramle siss roll, the dom is coloured white chocolate filled with chocolate mousse and with a port jelly centre and capped with a biscuit and chocolate - all on a pistachio bed for "grass". We were all speechless and totally in awe - and i

t tasted as good as it looked!

 2. The boys' rugby team won their league and there is huge excitement about that. Mr L played the game of his life on Tuesday while C had to sit out for the last game due to a course of very necessary anti biotics. They really practiced hard and a lot. Tuesdays' game was nerve wrecking - I swear worse than Springbok rugby and they only won with 14/12.

3. We are also very proud of our A - she was selected to present the school in the Top 6 academic challenge. It is a huge confidence boost for her is a year that has been rather tough for her. Growing up and dealing with bullies and friendship is hard.

4. I have a cold - and A is also struggling. I guess it is the normal Winter bugs that are hitting us in full force. This weekend apart form learning will also have some resting.

5. Pre cooked meals (mainly done by my wonderful hubby - but some by me) is saving my sanity at the moment. It is wonderful to take out a frozen meal in the morning and know you only need to make the starch and a salad or quick veggies and have a great home cooked meal.

So, what's happening in your life? Any five for Fridays out there?


  1. That dessert looks amazing! I also loved precooked meals, not sure how I would function otherwise.
    Hope you all feel better soon...bullies, that is so disappointing to hear.
    Good to hear you kids are doing well at achool

  2. Good catch up.
    I remember that toadstool from Masterchef. Looks fab
    It has taken us about 2 weeks to get over our colds and we still have a slight sniff.
    We don't make pre-cooked meals but we do sometimes make more than enough so that we can warm it up the next day. It does help, gives you a bit of a breather at home that night
    Have a blessed week

  3. Bookclub with food like that sounds amazing!
    Congratulations for A for doing so well! How did you deal with the bullies?
    We always have extra from Sunday's meal for Monday, and that already is a lifesaver!

    Happy week!

  4. Well done to your children. I've had a cough and post nasal drip since evil flu at beginning of April. Also did a few frozen meals this month and they made the world of difference.


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