Tuesday, 5 May 2015


There are times when the news totally freaks me out. Where I get to the point that I can not stand another report - another murder, natural disaster, sick child. A time where even the news of a little Princess' birth will not find me on the news pages.
Times where one get stressed out by things that need to be done - at home, school things for the kids, my mom's pending second knee replacement and others that we love's health. Times where a shutting yourself down for a bit of quiet feel like a good idea but you struggle to find the time for that.

We all have our own ways to deal with this - I have a few.  I go through photos - happy times, beautiful places - knowing these will happen again. I work on Project Life - I find it very relaxing. But more than that - the joy in the simple moments in life. Seeing a beautiful sunset that one of the kids pointed out, feeling little arms hug you from behind in the car, lying on your hubby's shoulder watching whatever is on tv - having tea and a slice of cake you helped L make on Sunday. Rubbing one of the puppies' ears, stroking the top of a little boy head and watching how excited a girl is about her first modern dance or Spanish dance lesson. Hearing a funny little story from school, seeing your son score a try in rugby practice.

Those little things - that mean the world. That makes you realize your happy place is right there in your home with your family, where the horrors of the world are nicely covered with a blanket of love.Where you belong.


  1. Yes!
    I think we are all a bit freaked out by all the ugly news that's being bombarded daily!

  2. Just wanted to say I like this post. And yip, it's the small good moments that make things.

  3. The older I get the more I am aware that every moment matters not matter what I'm doing and there is beauty or good to be found in every moment, if we look for it

  4. You described such perfection. Need to get in touch with this more myself!


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