Monday, 4 May 2015

Books I read during March/April

Following on a post from Marcia on Saturday I realized that I actually want to do the book reviews maybe a bit too well (its that let go of perfection thing) and that maybe it will be way better to do shorter, easier reviews every month or so rather than just not getting to them.

Up to date I have read less books this year than in the last few years, possibly due to a love for really nice thick books, and sometimes the rather more difficult reads.I am presently reading "Bring up the bodies" (Hilary Mantel) as example. I usually average about 3 books a month but only read two per month for both April and May. But it was 4 really good ones.

"Wake" by Anna Hope
Taking place over 5 days in London in 1920 this books features 3 women and the impact WWI had on them and their loved ones. It also plays on the 3 meanings of the word "wake" - ie a ritual for the dead, to rise/wake in the morning or the aftermath of an event. As the book progress each of these meanings are featured as underlying theme. Great characters and lots of heart I totally love this book and gave it 9/10

Nan&Jeannie by Chanette Paul
A light read - womans fiction in Afrikaans but it had me spellbound all through it (and its not a short read). A great bit of light escapism. I gave it a 7/10

Ikarus by Deon Meyer
Deon Meyer is both my favorite Afrikaans but also my favorite thriller /murder mystery writer so I may be a tad prejudiced. One of his best books to date it is a real page turner with great characters we know and love. Here follows the Afrikaans book review: Ai, wat n genot. Ek tel altyd die maande en dae af tot die volgende Meyer verskyn. Hy is 'n meester storieverteller, wonderlike pa vir uitsonderlike karakters. Wat ek veral in hierdie boek geniet het was die baie verwysings na wat presies tans aangaan - iPhones en vingeridentifikasie, beurtkrag maak sy verskyning en Oscar Pistorius se saak word genoem. Mens voel net vreeslik tuis in die tyd waarin dit afspeel. En dan my gunsteling Meyer karakter - Mbali Kaleni (wat jy dalk gaan onthou as die KFC etende slimpkop enigste swart vrou tussen die Valke) wat Deon Meyer so lekker bevordering gegee het. En sy doen banting en eet nie meer KFC nie - en vertel hoe Prof Tim speckled eggs as gif sien. Heerlike leesgenot. 'n Absolute treffer met 'n wonderlike spanningslyn wat jou tot op die heel laaste bladsy laat raai. 10/10

The Son by Jo Nesbo
Pure Nesbo brilliance! The book had me riveted right to the end. What I loved was that he plays with the readers sympathies all through the book and use revenge as the main theme. This is not a Harry Hole mystery but that did not even matter to me - a great great read. 9/10

So here you have a few reading suggestions. Any from your side?


  1. Thanks I'm going to look for Wake. I'm way overdue for a Deon Meyer fix, absolutely love his books, the only problem with them is I read until the small hours of the morning because they are so hard to put down. I usually write shortish reviews but I was so awed by Jani Confidential, that I spent 5 hours writing my blog review about it. So to answer your question I HIGHLY recommend Jani Confidential, it's early days but I feel that it will be my 'book of the year'.

  2. Oh I must also try a Jo Nesbo sometime too

  3. Loved Ikarus - my only problem.... it was too short - i finished in about 2 days and I wanted more.

    Try and read "I am Pilgrim" by Terry Hayes next - it is one of the best books I've ever read. Still haunting me.

    Have you read "We need to talk about Kevin" by Lionel Shriver?

    1. To be honest - raising two boys makes me a little scared to read "we need to talk about Kevin". I bought "I am Pilgrim " for the bookclub but am still waiting for my chance to read it

  4. Thank you for linking to my post! I see one of my favourites, Elise Cripe, does these short ones so I was inspired.

    I think D is reading that Jo Nesbo at the moment (are you Goodreads friends with him?)

  5. I am busy reading The Son and am hooked. I have not read anything in ages and am so glad to have found some inspiration (I love reading!!!)


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