Thursday, 21 May 2015

The lost generation

Or maybe the lost property generation or the one that is great at loosing things. Or is it just my kids? I get the idea from the overflowing lost property box that maybe children or their parents just do not bother to look for what is lost. On the other hand the Whatsapp groups of the classes most days have a mom looking for some odd item. With the lower grades it's clothing - with the grade 4's its books, handbooks and calculators.

It's like a disease you can not get rid of - it just never stops. In our house it is mostly the two boys that do the damage but A did her fair share in grade 1. Maybe it is also a case of learning a new skill - to keep everything together on your own from grade 1. I very clearly mark every single item with a telephone number too. But it just seems that it does not help.

So far, this year we tally up to:
2 Tracksuit jackets (one found -one never found - to C's credit it was left in his class and disappeared out of it - I deem it stolen)
1 Lunch box - found
1 Lunch cooler bag - never found
1 Judo Gi pant - found by the tuckshop owner
1 Tekkie - found by me this morning
1 Pair of swimming pants  - the whole swimming bag disappeared from the stoep when it was left after school and not taken home - the goggles (amazingly!) and bag was found the next day and brought to the office, the towel a month later in lost property.
And we diligently check that everything comes home from school. I wonder how it goes in households that doesn't check?

Do you have the same issues? Do you think we as kids lost less - is this a "now generation" problem?


  1. I don't remember losing lots of stuff as a kid, but my brothers were always losing their school shoes. (Much to my mother's dismay.)

    1. I do think there is a bit of a less loose thing with the girls

  2. We have the same. So far mostly lunch boxes and juice bottles.

  3. Ha ha ha at the lot generation. I don't think we lost so many things but that could be because we also didn't have to lug so many things around. For example no calculators ever in primary school.

  4. LOL! Kobus jr lost his entire school uniform in grade 1...within the first term. I think it is "learning to take responsibility" phase.

  5. We were just talking about the other day. We can't remember that we lost so many things when we were small...
    We have one kid, and it is about a daily search for something left at school. Last week we got back the ballet jersey, but had to search for a school tie. I am now down to one pair of winter tights and two pair of summer socks. I was also surprised at how many school items lands up in the lost and found bin at school!

  6. I never check anything, but I suspect we've lost a lot that I don't know about.

  7. This is a daily struggle for us. School jerseys always go missing. Juice bottles and lunch boxes as well, never to be found again. And of course everything is marked. I suspect kids take it home accidently, and the parents probably don't even notice.

    One thing I did notice at creche. Whenever the kids lost something old and dirty it was in the lost and found. But anything nice or new is gone forever....

  8. We have lost entire school uniforms, swimming caps, swimming costumes, school shoes, lunch boxes, ties, socks... I have given up replacing lost items with new ones. I buy them from the school's second hand shop now.


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