Friday, 31 July 2015

The most fun around in Gauteng at the moment is....


Oh my word did the kids have fun! I think it was the most condensed fun packed hour of the holidays. We were invited with A's BFF and her family to go for a session. We consider jumping ourselves but decided to first have a look and maybe next time. I am not sure that I will live through a high energy session like this though. For energetic youngsters it is the bomb!
The concept is simple you put on a special pair of socks with rubber or silicon patches and jump in huge areas covered in trampolines with different sections - like dodgeball (which Mr L and K played for 99% of their session), basketball, trick areas and more. There is also a huge freeplay area (seen above) where everyone ends up at some stage.

One section has trampolines and a huge bag to fall in. This makes a perfect practice ground for summies etc and some of the kids spent a lot of their session here.

We were all rather entranced by the pro looking people in the trick section - gosh they walk and walls, do double summersaults en way more.

The kids had heaps and heaps of fun in the hour we booked and wanted to stay longer. Honestly I do not think they would have made it for another hour as they were all exhausted and very thirsty but the end of it.

This venue gets a 10/10 from us for pure good healthy fun. The areas are very well controlled and marshaled and I felt that my kids were safe enough all the time. Only a number of spots are available per session so it is not over crowded and everyone will get a chance to play where they want to play.
I am not sure how kids younger than say 6 will find this (there were no really small kids there when we went) but surely for anyone older than 6 it will be great. In fact my boys have already asked for their birthday party to be there.

Disclaimer - we were not payed or asked or contacted by BounceInc in any way to do a review - we just feel the need to share the fun we had. This connects back to my July holiday fun post as no 2 on both A and C's lists of best holiday moments. 


  1. Wow, that looks like so much fun. What a great idea and so original. Not sure i'l make it for more than a half hour though, it looks like you need an extra dose of energy.

  2. I would love to take my brood for an afternoon!

  3. That looks like an awesome outing.

  4. My sister told me about this place earlier this week. Looks like fun. I am sure my energetic two would love it! Do you know if toddlers are allowed?

    1. Phone them - if I understand correctly only in a part of the freeplay area but then they pay less. I would not go to the trouble to take toddlers apart from if you had older ones going too.

  5. I saw this on telly the other day. Looks like fun, but like you said, I'm not I could keep up


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