Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What's happening?

  • The in-laws are visiting at the moment and it is truly just so lovely to have them here. I love that my MIL cooks double every evening, resulting in a dish in the freezer every day. I love that my FIL fixed L's glasses last night as soon as we got home from school. I love that the boys get fetched early at school every day and have time at home with them. I love that they are there for the Princess during the holidays. But most of all I love to see that very special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. The mutual adoration just warms my heart the whole time.
  • Work is just as hectic as it was before my holiday - actually maybe a bit more. But it will be the norm for the next year and a bit and it's nothing new. Actually I prefer it over not being busy.
  • We had bookclub last night. I just never get tired of it. I think the secret is that we are such a diverse group and that I see most of them only once a month and about 2 of them regularly enough that we do not feel we need to catch up at bookclub. We never have enough time for all the talking, And I do love that the talk is always about great subjects that just pop up. And then I am not even mentioning the book talk. We only got to the books after 9 last night. Ads the food! R really went all out and made the most wonderful meal. Some great books added to the club as well.
  • Hence I did not watch MasterchefSA last night and am so sad to hear that Sarel went. He was the latest favorite of mine following on Berdina, which I love and then sweet Khaya. But I do think that Deena will win - I told Hunter at about the 3rd episode that I think he will win.Just not sulky Manisha please. I just feels she lacks the personality to make a celeb chef. Rather then sometimes bubbly Sue-Ann.
  • I am loving the slower pace of the school holidays. Getting up a full hour later than usual and not the mad rush to get everybody out of the door by 7:05.I can not believe that the 3 weeks are almost over. I think we could have done with another one although I do suspect most moms do not feel the same.
  • I feel like I am reading too slowly these days. I am just not getting to my 3 books a month I usually read but on the one hand I am reading rather thick books (those 500 plus page ones) most of the time and on the other hand I have stopped doing speed reading when I read at home. I feel it detracts from my joy and only use it at work.
  • The 8 GB data card of my Canon just stopped working - I guess after 2 and a half years it is no surprise. So I guess I will be spending money on that rather than on anything else today.
  • I have joined the public library again - mostly for the benefit of the Princess who is fast running out of Afrikaans books to read on her level in our house. There is one close to the office and it seems better stocked that I expected - having been reminded by the librarian that it is holidays and that a lot of books are out at the moment.
  • I got a tube of Annique's moisture cover as a gift with my last order. It is the most fantastic product I have used in years. It is a 3 in one moisturizer, factor 15 sunblock and light cover for your face in the famous green rooibos hypo allergic format. In fact the cover is so good that I hardly use my base over it.
  • I am still totally in love with my AEG Electric Pressure Cooker. It is such a fantastic bit of equipment - can do both low pressure and high pressure cooking - it takes about an hour and 15 minutes for soft soft meat falling off the bones. I think I may have perfected my venison stew recipe with the help of Tannie Evita's cookbook.
 So who is you Masterchef favorite? And what have you cooked lately? Any new exiting beauty products discovered? Are you a member at your local public library and how are thing there? How many books do you read in a month and do you ever attempt those 500 plus page reads?


  1. Um, I don't even watch tv. Although I have watched Survivor about 80% of the time this season :)

    I've cooked nothing since last week...... but today I'll be doing a chicken and broccoli thing I do, with rice and carrots.

    I love the library but I stopped taking out books last year because I really, really REALLY want to clear my bookshelf of the books piled up and not read. I now have about 15 cm clear (this is big because the buying didn't stop). However, D takes the babies regularly.

    I read 5 a month definitely, some months more. I'm on book 4 for the month, helped along by monday's sick day, and I'll read lots on the planes too so I expect to finish about 8 books for July.

    PS I found that Seinfeld clip and enjoyed it this morning. Honestly, I could have watched clip upon clip - I think I should start getting the Seinfeld DVDs for my bday present to myself (do you do that?)

    1. I do every year, sometimes it's small, sometimes bigger. I think I need to get Friends on DVD for myself too

  2. So nice that you have the grandparents! I also love the school holidays with better traffic and not having to rush so much!
    I do not even get to read my one book a month *sigh*
    I do love the public library, but haven't been in quite a while because the toddler is still happy with the books we've got! Definitely going again with her!

  3. I'm watching MasterChef, but it's here in the US and we have completely different contestants. Sounds great having your in laws visiting. We're doing our summer reading program, as school starts in August. Phoebe has to read 6 books and my reading is all getting ready for my EMBA program.

  4. I'm rooting for Deena too. I've been toying with the idea of joining our local library. I love reading and so does my son.

  5. That's one clever MIL you've got there... making double food.
    I also really really miss bookclub... I really enjoyed being part of one.

  6. Cat, I love you have such great in laws does my husband ;-).
    His family are lovely too most of the time :)

    Local Libraries are great, my boys love going to our library.

    PS Thank you for reminding me to buy a new memory card for my camera.

  7. I have joined our library and it is quite well stocked. The kids take books out on my card. Baked a chocolate guiness cake whic I live tweeted and blog about

  8. Thanks for your life update!

  9. So great that your kids get some quality time in with their grandparents. We see my folks so often that I kind of forget that not everybody has that luxury. I am really going to miss the lack of traffic when school starts again next week. *sigh*

  10. I'm also sad to see Sarel leaving in this week's Masterchef competition. I really thought that his dessert would have won. Oh well.
    I love my in-laws just as much as you do. We are truly blessed :)
    It's better that work is busy because sitting at work, doing nothing, can be sole drowning.
    I too think that I could have done with one more week of school holidays. We have atleast December to look forward too :)

  11. I love hearing about your in laws - they sound like wonderful people and SO good to your family!! What a blessing!!

    We visit our local library every week. Mostly for the kids' sake but I take advantage of it more in the summer when I have more time to read. :-) Just checked out 1 and requested a few more that were on my summer reading list. :-)

  12. Your in-laws sound FANTASTIC. I think I need to invest in one of those pressure cookers myself. I also wanted a slow cooker AND a bread-maker so will have to think long and hard about which appliance to get. Actually I think I'll get them all. One at a time though.
    My sons love the library and my DH takes them every 2nd week. I have also loved the slower pace of the holidays. AND the fact that my kids slept out quite a bit and we went away for a few days. BUT. Routine is back and that is all good too.
    Hope you have a great week my friend.


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