Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Longweekends at home

Sunday was one of those magical days - mostly because we did nothing that we in general do on Sundays. Because it was a long weekend - and having that extra day afforded us the opportunity to take it slower, to move all errands to the other two days. To have time to breathe a little deeper. It was great!

We had a lovely breakfast at the Harvard restaurant at Grand Central airport. While there is a cool children's play area ours mostly sat and watched the planes and helicopters landing and taking off. Hunter and I had a great value for money buffet breakfast with bottomless coffee and the kids enjoyed the kiddies menu - the pizzas was especially great done in a wood burning oven. We took our time - there was no rush. Nowhere to be, nothing to do. I literally felt myself relaxing.

The rest of the day was spent at home- the kids just played and played . A's friend K was with us for the day and it always results in great play time for all 4 kids. I read a bit and did some project life on the patio in what was the best weather we had in ages. We have wonderful sunny warm winters days here with temperatures close to the mid twenties. Hunter and I both had lovely 1 and a half hour naps while the other one supervised the kids. The day concluded with a walk around the block with the puppies and wonderful left overs for dinner.

The rest of the weekend was busier - but great too. The kids and I made it to the very last day of the Ice Age exhibition on Saturday and had friends over for dinner and rugby. On Monday we did some very necessary shopping and visited my mom . A then studied for her test for tomorrow and she and I did the huge task of decluttering her cupboard and sorting out too small clothes. Gosh, has she grown! We gifted 3 huge black bags of clothing. It honestly felt great to do it. It was just in general a great long weekend at home.

I think the key is that although we were busy for two of the days, that one day of absolute leisure made the weekend. Our Sunday routine has been rather tight for the last year and a half- church to my mom to do her shopping and visit her , make lunch for her, tidy up- and then most of the day is over. We need more leisure Sundays - we need to program ordinary Sundays to be leisure Sundays . Maybe it means packing Saturday a bit tighter  - but in future - we need to get this right, at least half of the time. I need it - I think my whole family need it.


  1. The best of weekends! Sounds great!

  2. That extra day makes all the difference - I honestly feel like I've had a bit of a holiday on a long weekend!

    This one not so much because I've been TOSSING Konmari style :)

  3. I love long weekends and also took it slow. It was Leane's birthday and I was the designated photographer...other than that I didn't leave my home.

  4. Wasnt the weather just fantastic!! Ours was a busy weekend. Lots of social commitments but it was actually just what I needed.

  5. Long weekends totally rock! We also enjoy Harvard cafe, the children love watching the planes take off and land

  6. We love the Harvard at Grand Central :)


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