Friday, 7 August 2015

Things I have learned this week.

  • It's great to try out a recipe you haven't made for years - even if it is not what your family in general enjoy. It's sweet nostalgia - and just maybe it can become a new favorite. I made fettucine carbonara last night - it's been years. Hunter and I both loved it. It took me back many years to when we dated and just got married. And the kids all enjoyed it.
  • I was asked to do some specialist consulting in retail architecture at another firm. It took spending more than 2 hours with them for me to realize how much knowledge you accumulate through experience in years of working in a field. It was a huge ego boost.
  • Pick n Pay clothing's pants for girls are in general longer for the waist diameter than any other retailer. At last I found pants that A can wear straight off shelve and that actually fits well.
  • Even at 10 she was delighted that I found her and myself a pair of matching harem pants! I though by now it would be uncool. Love it though
  • Changing a swimming coach or place can truly turn what was ok or good because she was heading for a goal into the most loved activity. For the first time ever A placed any activity above her ballet. 
  • A boy that started this year with a sad and long face and was so not happy to be in grade 2 at all can decide after making two great new friends in his class that grade 2 is in fact the best year ever.  
  • A ball sports mad boy may just find that there is one ball sport that does not feature in the great category. It may also be the only ball sport his sister enjoys.
 With these few bits of randomness- have a great great long weekend! Do you have anything special planned?


  1. PnP clothing is a favourite of both K and I.

    Where have you decided to move A to for swimming?

    1. I may have to cry on your shoulder if swimming gets hectic.

  2. We never stop learning. So proud of what you achieved in the architecture world. Have a lovely long weekend xx

  3. So happy that your little boy has made friends and is enjoying the year. It makes such a difference, Fjord had no friends at the start of the year but now thanks to the teacher he is part of a group and so much happier.

  4. I love Pick and Pay clothing!!!

    Funny about the recipe - D got me fettucine alfredo at Mimmo's on my birthday which I haven't had for years, and yet it was my favourite for many years too, and it was DELICIOUS.

    1. I never make cream based pasta and still - it's lovely on occasion

  5. I'll have to check out PnP clothing. My kids are all tall and skinny, so finding pants that fit is a nightmare!


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