Thursday, 24 September 2015

Today 14 years ago a cheeky little puppy was born. 6 weeks later she came home with us after choosing us by running towards us when we went to pick out a puppy. Moya is a legend in her own lifetime. The most amazing companion to us all.  Even at 14 she is always ready for a walk - maybe not so much a swim these days although she does still enjoy wading in the water. Although she is slowing down a bit she remains the loving special dog she has always been. Always ready for a cuddle and a talk with those soulful brown eyes. She has such character and her love for us all shines through. Happy birthday to our very first baby. 14 is very old for a Labrador and we feel very blessed that you have been with us for so long and to have had so many adventures together.


  1. She's such a beautiful dog. Happy birthday Moya

  2. Moya is gorgeous (aren't all Labs?) She reminds me of our Jasper, but he was fatter, haha. Labradors are indeed the best, will definately consider getting another.


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