Thursday, 22 October 2015

Happy things on the interwebz

With so much going on - and riots that frankly has me a tad scared (our schools' one gala and big super 12 athletics have been called off due to it being close to a university) one has to grab the things that make you happy on your social media feed. So let me share 3:

Check out the video on Facebook of Little Kabelo playing - it's the cutest thing ever! Rhino orphanage

Have you seen this one of the Baluga whale that scares the kids? It is without a doubt playing with them. Totally adorable

And possibly the best of all - Barbie has a new advert out that may just redeem her for everything you may not like about her (we however have always been Barbie fans). "Lift your knees like a unicorn! "Love it totally! As well as "There's no high school for the dog"
And with that smile on your face - here's another bit of happy for Pretoria peeps and the Joburg ones that are willing to come to behind the Boerewors curtian:


  1. Thank you for sharing a bit of 'happy'

  2. Dankie Rina, net wat nodig is na 'n bedrywige week. Kan nie wag om die Barbie enetjie te wys vir my 9jarige wat 'n "opera sangeres wil word vir siek diere en mense" nie. Lekker dag, xx

  3. Oh gosh that whale one is so cute, wow!

    I adore that Barbie ad, also saw it in the week and shared it on FB. Lift your knees like a unicorn, hehe!

    1. Also shared it on Facebook earlier in the week but thought it was worth the mention here too! I also love the age of the dinosaurs!

  4. Dankie vir iets lig en al die negatiewe en agressiewe nuus van ons tyd.


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