Wednesday, 21 October 2015

We met a chameleon this weekend...

And a Rhino beetle
We were awaken by unusual sounds - a cock crowing
and the calming sound of sheep walking to the pastures.
We build our own fire and cooked and egg with only dirty water, a tin and 3 matches supplied. Some eggs were cooked - others landed raw on heads.
We made a compass out of a leaf, pin, magnet, plastic bowl and water....
We build a nest for an egg with newspaper and sent it flying off a tower with a refuse bag parachute.
Some eggs landed in tact - others did not.
 We hiked up a hill to an old reservoir
 and swam in a muddy farm dam.
We saw the most spectacular sunsets
We socialized with friends, learned to be independent and had so much fun!

As for mom, she kept an eye from a distance, was the official camp photographer and helped out with activities. It was great to see my kids interact with their friends. I loved how especially the boys gained confidence in doing things on their own. It was a great weekend with the Voortrekkers.
(I really do not know how to explain what the Voortrekkers is to the non Saffers - but the best I can compare it to is the Scouts with a cultural angle)


  1. So much fun...I remember those fantastic Voortrekker camps of my youth.

  2. Sounds great! Where did you stay?

    1. At Paradeisos - out on the Malotto road

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend. Can't remember the last time we saw a chameleon.

  4. Sounds and looks like great fun!

  5. What fun. It's been ages since I've seen a chameleon

  6. Sounds like fun and we have great weather for being outdoors right now.

  7. Sounds like so much fun. Soouth African here who does not know what is Voortrekkers. OK, I have a vague idea.


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