Tuesday, 1 December 2015

So much to be thankful for

I have been quiet - because we have been busy. Busy with prize givings and end of year business. And we have been blessed. Extremely blessed. I am filled with a total joy deep in my heart. Every one of our 3 precious children exceeded our expectations of them. Every time it was a surprise.

It started with our Bear, Mr C who on the morning of his prize giving at school won one of only five academic trophies in his grade - the one for spelling. I had no idea - no idea whatsoever that he even had a chance of winning any trophy. In a group of 150 children that is no mean feat.  I could not contain my joy!

The next morning our Lion, Mr L surprised us by receiving a general academic mention and one for Maths. To think that a year ago we were trying to get him into a special needs school and that with the help of a wonderful teacher and a lot of hard work he managed to end the year like this totally blows my mind. I was walking on air for the rest of the day. He also got a very special award on Saturday night at the stables award ceremony. He was the runner up for the inspiration award (won by an old man that at the age of 72 is learning to ride for the first time) for his guts, determination and huge improvement that has served as such an inspiration for the management and staff there.
This morning it was our Princess' turn for the prize giving ceremony at school. Grade 4 is a big year - there are tests, exams, projects and a whole different way of work. We prepared her not to expect to be in the top ten awards as they are an extremely strong academic group - in fact in sports and culture too. She surprised us and herself by achieving top ten in Natural science and technology, Social sciences and English. This already had me totally overwhelmed with joy. Then she was called for the top ten overall academic achievers. My heart almost burst.

So yes, this is a mommy bragging post - I am allowed to it's my space here. But I need to journal my feelings here and now - I need to acknowledge their achievements and hard work. I am so very proud - but over all, I am so humbly filled with total gratitude.


  1. I am so proud of all 3 your babies! Well done!! They ALL did amazing in their own way and you are SO allowed to brag!!! I just want to add that its because you are raising little READERS... :)

  2. That is all so fantastic, Cat! My heart is smiling at your joy, too!

  3. Wow, wonderful achievements indeed, I bet you were in tears.
    They say that a different teacher can make all the difference.
    You are so allowed to brag. I would with such wonderful results.

    1. L had the perfect teacher for hi this year!

  4. Oh wow, that's awesome! Well done to all! It really is a wonderful feeling when our kids do so well. :)

  5. Congratulations to your kids- and congratulations mom for raising such amazing humans! :)

  6. Ek is so bly vir jou my maatjie...jy het alle reg om baie trots te wees op jou drietjies ♥

  7. You have good reason to brag. Congratulations to your babies.

  8. WOoohoo! Well done to you all :)

  9. Well done to all 3 of your blessings! What achievements for them all!

  10. Congrats Cat! They had an awesome 2015. Here's to another year and more opportunities to live and learn.


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