Friday, 27 November 2015

The last two weeks...

 Is best described by this photo - beautiful twin rainbows against a dark and cloudy sky - and threatening storm that never happened.

It has been two weeks of incredible highlights but seriously busy. Exhaustively busy. A wrote her first end of the year exams and what I expected to be the storm that never happened. She studied well ahead (on our prompting) and coped well with the fact that despite her exams we spent a lot of time on the side of the cricket pitch - as C played his first school premier league. L very patiently enjoyed watching the matches (the grade 1 do not play this league) The Premier league is a fun league based on the concept of the Indian Premier league with fun names and coloured  caps to distinguish the teams. Two grades are combined to play with captains as leaders (no coaches) and the team spirit is truly something to experience. The grade 7-4 play before the exam season but the grade 2 and 3 league is during the senior phase exams and serves as a step up tool for the grade 2 boys to move from Bev (mini) cricket to the full size version of the game. With 4 matches per team in the group stage and a possible semi final and final it is a lot of cricket to cram into two weeks. C and the Blue Warriors made it to the semi finals and the third place. They were disappointed but a bronze medal is nothing to be shy about too.

We also had two prize givings, two school grade parties and two class parties. Lots of happy, lots of busy. And I am not even mentioning work that is always busy this time of the year. I will tell you about the prize givings later - simply because I feel they deserve their own posts. But suffice to say I have a permanent smile on my face at the moment.

This weekend we have a few commitments but we are planning to rest up a bit, to go a bit slower. So how has your week been?


  1. I cant wait for my little dude to start playing cricket! it looks like SO much fun!

  2. I really don't enjoy the hectic schedule we all have at this time of year. I want to wind down...and I can see you have as many balls in the air at the moment.

  3. Busy! Best of luck for the final round!

  4. Its been crazy here too. But we are ticking the stuff off fast and furiously now :) Concert was done last night, Cams exams are done. Next week K finishes off, they write the last exam and then break up the same day - makes SO much sense specially at the end of the year!

    But with Grade 7 we have a few more events but 2 weeks and we are DONE!

    1. I actually love that one ticks them off and you are done.

  5. gosh i remember how busy we were when Dan was in matric at this time of year, it never stopped and cost so much

  6. Looks like you are busy and happy and I'm glad about that! Nothing like having no transport to slow yourself down!!

  7. We are still laid back, just work stuff. With only one child, it is nowhere near as busy as yours. I saw those rainbows, and what made it special was when my son noticed it and the awe on his face was priceless.


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