Friday, 19 February 2016

Five for Friday

I am going to copy Cassey shamelessly and also do a five or Friday.  a great way to catch up on bits of news.

I completed reading "I am Pilgrim" last night - boy, it's good! Expect a review soon. And now I have a book hangover - I can not get into any other book. Another 800 pages of Pilgrim would have been perfect.

It's the first Friday since the gala season started that A is not swimming. They are a lot in her age group so the do get weeks that they do not swim. It's great to have an afternoon to breathe and get some work done. She also loved not having to be at school at 6am for swimming relay practice.

I very seldom watch Tv but am really enjoying Lorraine Pascale's cooking program. And now I need apple pie. The home made variety.
Photo credit - BBC food channel

The kids had the school's internal rugby and netball day yesterday. The classes play each other and the grade 7 kids act as coaches. The boys' classes both won their matches and A's class won the overall grade 5 prize - for matches and having the best spirit and cheer to start off. 3 very happy kids.

We had a huge thunderstorm and much needed rain last night. Our poor Ocean girl was so scared that she ended up between me and Hunter on the bed. Sweet little puppy - still not used to Gauteng thunder storms. And will we ever think of rain the same way after this huge drought? I don't think I will ever.


  1. Five for Friday! A great idea! ;-)
    We watch Masterchef Australia in our house! ;-)

  2. Yay for finishing a great book. Maybe you'll be up to a new read in a week...I find that when it's been an amazing read, I don't want to eave that world either. Books ftw!

  3. Yaay its Friday! I was reading about dogs and their fear of the lightning and thunder and someone suggested a thundershirt for the dog. She just used an old Tshirt from her husband and the dog actually fell asleep during the storm last night! You don't need the expensive online one just a Tshirt wrapped around your dog. Try it perhaps it will help.

  4. Oooh I am LOVING Loraine's show too! Right now it's the only thing I watch on TV. Such simple, beautiful, wholesome food. I LOVE the camera work as well. Very artfully done. I finished I AM PILGRIM last year and I have to say that it was one of my FAVOURITES of 2015. I had a HUGE book hangover after that. It took a while before I could start (and finish) something else. Sjoe.

  5. Poor puppy! My K thankfully doesn't get frightened but she does get startled by the suddenness of it

  6. I love Lorraine Pascal, such simple but fabulous food.

  7. Pilgrim is amazing - what a book! I couldn't read another book for at least a week afterwards. I do hope his next book is as good.


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