Wednesday, 10 February 2016

I saw the most beautiful little baby the other day

She was all pink and rosy, pretty and gurgling to her mommy in the Pick n Pay queue. The absolute epitome of what we all think a baby will be like before we had our own. Before we had the tantrums, the sleepless nights, the reality of what raising a child is.

Sometimes I think I may have wished those early years away - "this too shall pass" seem to have been my motto. Particularly the first year of the twins was tough. Sometimes I can barely remember who I was if I look at pictures of that year. Pure exhaustion - maybe even desperation. Three kids under 3 was insane at times. But no, on more thought I do not think I wished their baby year away - nor any of the others. I mostly have moments of joy etched in my mind . Mostly I say - not entirely. Yes, they are sometimes intersected with those horror bits that seem even more vivid, but mostly the joy and happy moments are the ones you remember. I think our minds are programmed that way because without that who would ever have a second child?

But I do love the ages they are now. Honestly from about age 4 I seem to enjoy my kids way way more. I guess some of us love the baby years more and some of us the bigger ones. I love that they now can argue a point with me. I love that they are now particular about what they wear. Of course the girl child being a girl and older is more adamant about this but do not under estimate the boys. Mr C in particular has his preferences. I also adore how they take more responsibility for what they do. And how they enjoy to learn more.

I have to admit that I am a tad scared of the teenage years - maybe this primary school age is the one I will love most. I guess only time will tell. While I sit between nostalgia at how time has flown on the one hand and and enjoying having kids that feed and dress themselves on the other I realize that hand in hand with "this too shall pass" goes "treasure every moment".  Sometimes in the madness of a particular moment even today I have to remind myself of these two mantras.

So, what is the age you particularly enjoy? Or think you will? And how do you feel about these two mantras?


  1. I loved the early baby years - they are the ones I'm missing most now.

  2. I'm missing the early baby bits, K stayed point and was happy very easily. Two is not my friend. I think 5+ should be fun, but who knows.

    1. I think 2-3 is a particularly challenging year

  3. We are only up to four years old now, and I did love having a baby to hold.

  4. I did not enjoy 0 - 1 but I particularly loved from 18 months onwards. They could talk, listen, walk, and were SUPER cute!

    Even pre-kids I used to say, give me a two-year-old and i'm good :)

  5. I love the 2 to 6 year old ones...they have the most awesome way of saying things ♥

  6. How does one choose actually. I suppose if you had a "difficult" baby you would like to banish those memories to the back of your mind. Liam has always been an easy child. Even now. I must say though, I do like that he can now feed and dress himself, even if he needs a bit of supervision with the toothbrushing. When do they start wiping their own bums is what I would like to know, hehe.

  7. I'm enjoying every stage. Probably a first time mom thing and having a relatively easy baby to deal with. Plus I've heard too many people say they wish they enjoyed the first years more so I'm making every effort to
    Enjoy every stage

  8. I knew that I had to cherish the baby and toddler, because it had passed too quickly. I enjoy all the phases, even with my eldest. It is great going through it again with Little Miss!
    You will love the teenage phase! I believe that if we "invest" in them when they are small, we don't have problem when they grow bigger... (But maybe I was just lucky?)


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