Friday, 5 February 2016

Relax a bit with Lux

The last few weeks have been very stressful - apart from all I have mentioned before we also had a few days without our au pair which meant me filling in the gaps and trying to catch up on work all the time. Good thing though that Lux sent us some loveliness a while ago to try out and review. The Princess being all of 11 years old now sees herself as quite the beauty product reviewer and she wrote this:

I love the pink prettiness and great fragrance of the Lux soft touch Pink infusion. It smells great while you use it and the lovely smell is still around for most of the day thanks to the body lotion. My friends loved it too.

From my side : I lit the candles, had a lovely bath and applied the body lotion afterwards. A great relaxing time and my skin was really soft and smelled gorgeous. What I do like most about the product is that the lotion is non greasy and gets absorbed quickly but keeps the skin moist for the whole day.

Thanks Lux - we love the pretty pink and will certainly buy it.


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