Friday, 20 May 2016

Five for Friday edition 8

So how was your week? Looking forward to the weekend? I am totally.

1. The current series of "Humans of New York" is touching me deeply. Bloody cancer - hitting so many people so very hard. I have my personal grudges against the bugger. The sadness but also the hope of these kids and their parents are talking to my heart every day. We have a little boy in our school dying at the moment....the sadness is overwhelming.

2. On the same trend - a mom at the school have been collecting bath capsules for the Pediatric cancer ward at Unitas hospital. The response has been huge and we collected a huge box between two classes. A great initiative - they hand them out with chemo to the kids to make their day just a little better they get "tablets" to play with. The photos she send back to us with thanks show the huge happiness a mere R20 given with love and care can bring.

3. All 3 the kids asked me to make some soup last night! I was at first a bit taken back and then thought wow! Great opportunity. They were remembering their days at the pre-school after care where they sometimes had soup in winter and all of a sudden they all enthusiastically requested soup. Guess who will be cooking soup this weekend? Any great recipes around?

4. With winter now it is hard to get the kids up in the morning - especially A's wake up call for hockey on Monday mornings - they are on court by 6:10 am. But this morning both the boys were dressed and ready before we went to wake them up because it is Soap box cart and gladiator course day at school. Priorities people, priorities.

5. For the first time in years I have a blogpost with no comments. A book post. In general my book posts get  a lot of views and some comments - in fact I have always thought they were quite popular from the feedback I got. So tell me - do you ever read book posts? Enjoy them? I love other blogs when they pos about books but maybe that's just me? Or were it the specific books?

So what is your 5 little random thoughts for today?


  1. Hahaha, I first read number 3 as soap? Was wondering why in the world would they want to make soap?

    Hubby makes this awesomely delicious pumpkin soup (pumpkin chunks, mince, spices and chorizo (portuguese sausage)and then mush it all up, the chorizo makes it so tasty...I love the flavor it gives, just not the actual sausage ;-)

  2. Week was crazy busy but good aside from the little one coming down with runny nose and cough.

    It is so hard to get up when it is dark at 6am

    Ps: sorry about the post without a comment. I'm only able to do batch reading and commenting these days due to technology woes and time constraints

    1. Ahw Funso you are sweet. No I am just wondering why - no real issue with it but why all of a sudden?

  3. I am not feeling sup yet, this year.
    Cancer is a horrible thing, it draws out the pain. I remember the horrible feeling when you find a lump in your breast, Cancer is the first thing that comes to mind.
    I normally love your book posts, it gives me something to read outside my usual. I read that post of yours, but the books did not look terribly exciting, and there was nothing I identified with, no comment made by me.

    1. Ah that explains - just the books maybe

  4. Kids should not get sick, especially not with cancer. It just should not happen and I can't get it into my head why it does.
    I scan your blog posts but to be honest I don't read novels anymore. I have enough time in the morning to do a few clues in my crossword and in the evening I would just rather go to bed. So since I don't really read much anymore (was a huge Dean Koontz fan during my teens and early 20s) I don't think I can comment on your book posts.
    5 thoughts for the day?
    1. OMG it's Monday again
    2. I feel freaking tired. Eyes would rather stay closed
    3. Cold this morning but supposed to be 29 in PE later. 4 seasons in one day
    4. Do you think we can do chicken wraps for supper tonight.
    5. Can't wait to go to bed
    Have a splendid day

    1. Oh gosh you sound very tired and yes, 29 and Chicken wraps sounds great. No one should get cancer - especially not kids

  5. To be honest, the books you love (except Sinead Moriarty but then I introduced her to you ;)) are books I would never read.

    I'm really working on my offline world so I'm finally off the computer a good couple of days per week - yay! - which means I might read 2 - 3 posts at a time and therefore choose one to comment on. I think this is the case when most people catch up.

    my 5 things?

    work people are seriously annoying me
    I feel old...esp around young people with no work ethic
    I keep saying, GOD send a buyer!
    I swear Connor has gotten naughtier without his one front tooth
    How much tea is too much in a day? :)

    1. We do have quite a different taste in books! There is no such thing as too much tea

  6. Oh that Humans of New York latest series just made me weep! Too too sad.


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