Friday, 27 May 2016

Five for Friday edition 9

So how has your week been? Mine in a nutshell:

  •  The Angry Birds bug has bitten - and Spar has another of those campaigns that can possibly drive parents nuts. I have informed the kids that there will not be 3 collectors albums - just one which they will share. The kids fully agreed - do not say we did not learn something from those darn Stikeez. We collected the first booklets of stickers in very little time (I pass a Spar between work and home so milk and bread shopping is always there) and the kids each used their pocket money savings to buy one. I have to say that the big ones are soft and cuddly.

  • A had a tummy bug on Monday and Tuesday - rather horrid timing because she missed two tests and exams start this Monday so she missed on study time but I guess it is better timing than next week - if there is anything like that even. 
  • The kids have had a rather fabulous sport week - the boys' rugby team had two huge wins (43-7 and 37-0 ) this week and A's hockey team had a 4-0 win last Friday. This afternoon they face a very tough hockey match - hoping they will do well again.
  • Autumn is incredibly beautiful - this year we seem to have ore grey skies than the usual. This picture was taken on Friday afternoon at an icy cold hockey match. 

  • I have a new favorite scarf - one of about 3 thing I like in winter(Scarves, boots and soup) - I ordered it on Facebook, paid and had it in less than 24 hours. Try Mooi Moois for fabulous service and beautiful products. I am hugely impressed.
So tell me about your 5 things for today.
Disclaimer - Mooi Moois have no idea I am giving them a shout out. I bought my product off Facebook and am just very impressed.


  1. LOVE the scarf. I clicked over and that purple scarf on the top post on the left is calling my name. :) SO far I'm resisting.

    Autumn is indeed beautiful!

  2. That is a cool scarf! Emma is on my lap (her permanent spot at the moment) and she asked if she could talk to you about your scarf!

    I haven't seen those Angry Birds?! I actually think they are pretty cool - will check my local Spar!

  3. Yep, I hear you on the Angry Birds. We' already got all the big plush toys and we have half an album. Liam gives the cards away whether he already has them or not so we've got a few missing. Watched the movie on Saturday which I thought was quite good actually.
    5 things for the day?? Warm up my feet (still in sandals) get work done, pic up the kid, have dinner and go to sleep. Yep, you get that sleep is quite important, hehe
    Have a fab week.

  4. Oooh that scarf is stunning! Love the colour.


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