Friday, 3 June 2016

Five for Friday edition 10

Gosh a week without posts - it's been a very busy one though
  • I have spent the last two days at the Sustainability week - more correctly the Green Building conference so my 3 workdays have been full and very busy. Apart from the nitty gritty of the conference there where quite a few interesting side things to see - beautiful new electric cars from BMW, solar lights and phone chargers and cool water wheelbarrows. And amazing ideas to recycle car tyres.

  • The boys ended a great rugby season yesterday with just one loss in the league. L had a great little run for the goal line yesterday but was tackled a few meters short. Although Mr C was not playing this week because:
  • Mr C has been at home since Tuesday - he has the horrid combination of Bronchitus and Croup like he last had years and years ago. I feel so sorry for him - he is literally coughing until his tummy hurts. As a result of the above last night was one that brings back 4/5 years ago's nights of little and broken sleep. I am exhausted this morning. And thankful that it's now an exception and not the norm any more.
  • Our cauliflower plants in the veggy patch has grown to almost shrub like size - with no head in sight. I am wondering what went wrong? Any ideas?

  • Our Princess had her first non ballet dance exam last Saturday - grade 4 Lyrical. It's been only 5 months since she started this discipline and when I realized that she and her friend were the youngest two girls to do this exam at their dance school I was a admittedly worried. But not only did she pass the exam  - she passed it with a distinction! We are very proud of her and the hard work she has put into it.
With that - wishing you a great weekend! And share your 5 things for Friday.


  1. Shame! Best wishes that Mr C will beat the bugs soon! Well done to A for the dancing! That is something to be proud of!

  2. Those tyre chairs are amazing :)

    Hope you have a house of well children and adults soon.

    We are all just about normal again. my client today said he is the only man standing - wife and 4 kids all sick. 4 kids 5 and under....

    1. Gosh that must be super tough.

  3. Nasty but going around!! Hope he is better now

  4. Davids cauliflower is doing the same thing? Maybe we are just in a hurry?
    We have thankfully escaped the sicks so far!


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