Friday, 11 February 2011

What's up?

Well yes, I have not been blogging much are reading many blogs at all. In all honesty, it is just one of those periods that will pass. So, if I may, let me speak in bullets today as I am rushing to finish some urgent work:
  • Hunter and I are both under huge work stress at the moment. I am in THAT phase of a project that is hugely demanding and the driving to Joburg is really stressful. And to think of it my hubby does it every day.
  • I am at last feeling that I am getting the hang of getting everybody to school in the mornings. Hunter is helping a lot but I think things will run much smoother soon.
  • I am trying to cook a bit more clever- try to make food that I can re-use without it being crappy a day or so on in a different dish. Honestly I love leftovers - I know some people have issues with it, but I love that cooked chicken in the freezer that I can use in pasta etc.
  • L is doing better at school but still adapting.
  • C now has his first real friend, Joshua, that he seem to play with most days. 
  • We have changed the ballet teacher A now goes to to one that most girls in her school and the associated primary school use and it is turning out wonderfully. She is loving it, two girls inher class have ballet with her and one that goes to aftercare with her.They are also having a concert soon.
  • After 9 nights of good sleep we had 3 bad ones - 2 with L waking up and last night our alarm went off 2 times, waking the boys. I swear we have years and years of sleep to catch up on.
  • I went to my old school friend's birthday lunch on Tuesday - I was so nervous as I did not know a single one of the other girls, but it went fine. 
  • The Princess have Faerie parade day at school today - will post a Photostory Friday if I get a chance later.
  • I went to the new Pick N Pay on Nicol on Wednesday after my site meeting (it's close) and although I find it very beautiful, upmarket and the like, I find the layout extremely confusing and would not like to do my monthly shop there.
So how has your week been?


  1. You sound like you got a handle on things. :)

    I am not terribly fond of left over anything!.... but then, I am full of shit on many issues.

    I have had a less than pleasant week and look forward to next week being better.

  2. So sorry to hear there was a relapse in the sleep cycle:(

    You're a busy, busy girl...I have also had an extremely busy week, with a function every single evening...all I want to do is veg at home this weekend.

  3. To me it doens't sound like leftovers, more like you cook lots when you can and then freeze, am I wrong? It sucks that the sleep problems aren't all sorted, hope it gets better.

  4. Glad the boys are moving forward :)

    I didnt like the PnP on William Nicol at all!

  5. Wishing you some reduced stress and faerie magic!

    Have a blessed weekend, Cat!

  6. I'm sorry I've been MIA too.

    I hope life slows down for you here soon.

  7. hoping for better sleeping nights again! Glad your lil guy is doing better at school - hoping he continues to get more comfortable!

  8. My colleague lives in Hurlingham and LOVES that place. She is there so much the cashiers all know her.

    But all this to-do is making me want to check it out for myself :)

    I don't like any big P&P thoug - I find I take too long. Love my normal sized one at Bedford Centre where all the staff know me and the management is fantastic.

    Anyway, sorry about the sleep relapse but glad you're getting a handle on the leaving for school in the mornings thing.

    I also don't know how people do that commute! I would DIE.

  9. Nothing wrong with leftovers - we often have a meal made up of a few different leftovers!

    With you on the driving thing - my 100km a day is enough to drive me dilly.

    Sorry your sleep is not going well, i don't know how you do without it. But glad to hear the the boys have both settled at school xxx

  10. Haha, you know how I abhor leftovers, but I have nothing against some frozen stuff.

    We sometimes make Ratatouille and then whizz the leftovers, chuck tomato in and freeze for a pasta sauce. On the day we need it we just add some sausage or bacon and voila!

    I used to love driving, but spending 3 hours in the car every is very counterproductive IMHO.

  11. I hope you have some good sleeping nights this week.


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