Friday, 23 September 2016

Five for Friday edition 18

It's truly been such a busy week - it feels as if the school waited with everything until after the test series and went on and fitted it all into this week.

1. A had a fabulous week at the school's Cultural week. Her lyrical dance troupe achieved one of only four A++ in group dance and are now waiting to find out if they will be one of the few acts performing on the gala night. Her Seashell collection also won an A++ and have already been awarded one of the places on the gala night in the exhibition.

2. We also had house athletics and we are so very proud of our kids that all 3 went out and participated in as many items they could. That is what we want - that they participate and try their best. A did manage to get into the school athletics team for the first time- for discus!

3. We had the wonderful privilege to attend the exclusive pre screening of "The Secret life of Pets". We had so much fun with Nickleodeon and the movie is absolutely fabulous. Do go and see it when it opens at the end of the month.

4. My wonderful mother in law left on Wednesday to go back to Port Elizabeth. We are already missing her - and we had to promise the kids we will see her before Christmas. She has seen to it that I have a whole freezer stocked with meals - enough for every night of the week for at least the next 2 weeks.

5. The swimming season has started at school - and with that 6 am swimming in an unheated pool. I am always amazed that they still emerge smiling and chatting although they are literally blue and cold. The enthusiasm of the youth!

So - what are your 5 for Friday? And I do hop you have a great weekend.


  1. I'm envious of your freezer. I want to completely empty mine and then I need to start cooking again.

  2. 6am swimming in an unheated pool.. That sounds hard!!! And well done to the kiddos on participating.

    I did a longish run (for a weekday), had my vitality check done, baked cupcakes for friends. And the HEAT is killing me slowly I feel like I'm going to be sick

  3. A is doing so well. That shell collection looks great. We are still in the heated indoor pool, so swimming has not stopped at all.
    Having food in the freezer is brilliant. It allows me to go sit under a tree after work, with HB, instead of rushing around to cook. I find precooked freezer food works great for the budget and family time.

    1. Mine also swam right through the winter in the highschools' heated (but outdoors) pool. The primary school pool however is not heated at all.

  4. Oooh, we are definitely going to go see The Secret Life of Pets when it starts.
    MIL is coming back to PE? Give me her contact details so she can fill my freezer with scrumptious goodies :-)
    Brrr, yes, had to pack Liam's swimming cozzie for PT today. Still a bit chilly for me. Mind you, the pool has to be at least 30 before I get in.
    Have a good week


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