Monday, 26 September 2016

A fabulous birthday party

Yesterday my boys turned 9! Gosh have they grown so much and not to speak of the growing up bit. I know I am supposed to write them their birthday letters but somehow the words for that is not to be found today. So in stead I will tell you a bit about a gem I found in Pretoria for their party thanks to one of the other school moms.
We took them and their friends Go Karting at the Kollonade centre. Boy was it fun! They all loved it. Some drove like hooligan F1 drivers around the tracks (Mr L most of all) while others were a bit more careful. In the end all had huge amounts of fun.

There are Go Karts for every size - even our smallest friend - a tiny 6 year old could drive his own little car while A and her friend drove full sized adult ones.  They are petrol karts so they go well and fast. The kids get a basic safety instruction and how to drive and off they go
The very best of all is that they are running a special - R100 per kid including 12 laps, a Spur burger and chips and cooldrink. We took along a bit of sweets (only 4 types), pretzels and in stead of cake, I ordered doughnuts at our local Spar and made doughnut stacks. Every single one was eaten - but we took a lot of the very little sweets home. It turns out if you feed them burgers and they see doughnuts to come sweets are not that important.
It's a great affordable party idea - for R80 you can buy more time but with the amount of kids we had there it was not an option. I think this will even be great for the teenagers as well. The 4 girls in our group enjoyed it just as much as the boys.

You can also just pop in for some Go Kart fun and just go karting. We are definitely going to do this as a family soon.

Disclaimer - K1 Indoor Karting have no idea that I am writing this. We paid the usual in full price for our party. This is one of my "community sevice" type of posts with items that I regard as great value and fun and need to share around.


  1. Looks like they had a ball!
    Congrats on your Boys Birthday

  2. Happy, happy birthday to your boys, and parent-aversary number two to you and H :D

  3. Congrats, Cat!
    What a great party idea!

  4. Congrats on the boys' birthday. 9 already?
    Wow, what fun, I can imagine all the super excited kids.

  5. Congrats on your boys' birthday! I've spent so much time on a gokart track(as a kid and as an adult)But seeing your post now has made me super exicted about the days for when our girls are old enough to intro them to it! Well done, mama!


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