Thursday, 22 September 2016

Things to do this weekend

Yes I know I have been very very quiet but life has been rushing along at a HUGE pace. My MIL has been visiting which is always so lovely. She left yesterday with my freezer full and our hearts empty.

This weekend seem to be one that holds many events We are celebrating two very special birthdays on Sunday with a party on Saturday. But there are so many other things happening

On Sunday Market at the Sheds are having their special Spring and Heritage day celebrations(see more about market at the sheds here) - there is a lot going on in the CBD of Pretoria around the market to celebrate Heritage day - see here for Spring in the City

Hazel food market is on every Saturday morning with selected night markets. There are so much to eat and enjoy and the little side market with crafts also has enough to offer.

A's favorite - oysters
Stunning schwarma
Belgian waffles

You can show your support for children with Cancer by visiting the Wall of generosity at Brooklyn Mall. This is a fantastic cause and runs with Cupcakes for Cancer. Go get your cupcake and honour your cancer hero. To find the early warning signs for Childhood cancer - see here.

Not in Pretoria but close enough, the coolest place to be this weekend is the Nerf Bootcamp. Best of all - it's free!


  1. Cool stuff to do!
    But I had to say no this weekend to a couple of things because we organized a braai on Heritage Day! Of course ;-)

  2. So much to do... And all sounds like so much fun


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