Thursday, 15 September 2016

Our little Instagram adventure

A lot of you know that I enjoy to doodle or draw. I have been following some doodle challenges for the last two months - with mixed results. I have even managed to get some of the guys and girls in the office to join in. What has most surprised me is our secretary who at first said that she can not draw and then started and has turned into an excellent budding artist. I am so impressed with her. Our student in the office is incredibly creative and I literally can not wait to see his drawings every day.

So last month we all struggled a bit through another Northern hemisphere challenge - our initial challenge choice has a topic that was not even know in South Africa - Satuday morning cartoons. The other one we chose had camping - which was ok - well sort of. The when we looked at September is was choc a block full of back to school doodles. So we decided that we were going to host our own challenge - with Southern Hemisphere topics and a good sprinkling of South Africa.

We have done our first 14 days (see my page above) and have thoroughly enjoyed it. What has doubled our joy is that we have had 3 Instagramers joining in - and wow, some of the drawings has been amazing. You have to see Cupcakemommy's - she has an amazing talent. Karen at Mom again @ 40 is also doodling along.

I usually doodle in outlines with markers and then colour with pencils - this month I am trying markers to colour in too. I am not quite sure I like them but it does make for bright and happy pages.

So join us if you want to -there is an incredible pleasure in producing something pretty and therapy in the act of drawing . And honestly - anyone can draw! Find me on Instagram as @catjuggles - our handles for this project are:

#rsadoodles #rsadoodlesseptember #rsadoodlesaday

So who are joining in too? You can start any day you want. We are alos planning on doing it monthly going forward and have already started on our October prompts.

In the same line - what do you do that makes you feel happy, creative and calms you? 


  1. I love the idea of the doodles. Making things calms me and a cup of tea I'd the cure for all ills. I am off to look at the instagram link now.

  2. Good for you, not for me :) (Amy Poehler)

    Glad you're enjoying it all!

    Organising a space does that for me!

    1. Being different is what makes the world go round after all

  3. I always love your doodles, Cat! And I think this is super cool to do with your office mates! How neat that you're inspiring others!

  4. I can't draw or colour in.. Not creative like that. I've enjoyed seeing the doodles and I'm happy you created a version that works for you.

    I love walking/running not creative but helps me clear my head

  5. I'm terrible at drawing otherwise I would join in!

    1. I am convinced that anyone can draw if you put your mind to it


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