Friday, 7 October 2016

Five for Friday 20 - The October holiday edition

1. So why is this little holiday so, well, little? Honestly if you ask me they can take one week of July and toss it in here so that all can have a bit of a rest before the busy 4th term starts

2. Holidays are made of fun, rest.... and a visit to the Emergency room. On Monday night Mr C dashed open hi skin just above his eye and we spent Monday evening waiting for his 4 stitches to fix it. He was very brave indeed. And all that waiting was great to help me complete reading my book before Tuesday nights' Bookclub.

3. Speaking of Bookclub  - it is always great but Tuesday night was really special as I cooked the most fantastic meal - inspired by the fantastic Afrikaans movie the two of us saw on Saturday "Dis Koue kos Skat". The movie is like South Africa's Tortilla soup of Like water for Chocolate - you can literally smell and taste the wonderful food prepared. It has English subtitles and is such a great movie - go see it! She treated us to chicken risotto, flash fried asparagus and artichoke salad. I can still taste that yummyness.

4. Due to no 2 above I could not take the kids, each with a friend, on our planned much anticipated Zambibush fun day (it's a water park with slides). I was a bit at a loss as what to do with 6 kids that will not have me bankrupt, an eye busted open again or involve water. But we settled on a picnic at Rietvlei dam. It was a great day out -we saw so many rhinos and eland - and lots of other animals. All the rhinos had their horns removed so it was quite odd to see them like that but I guess we will have to get used to it. The kids had such fun climbing trees and playing at the picnic spot that I even had the chance to read a bit. It was a great (but tiring) day.

5. We have never had the luxury of a grandparent or aunts or uncles to look after the kids for a night or so. But now that the kids are older and my mom is more mobile than she has been in the last 3 years, staying over with Oumie is now an option. The kids slept over on Wednesday night and spent the whole of Thursday with her . It was a huge success and a lot of fun for them and gran. Hunter and I had such a lovely (very quiet without the kids) evening at home - I can see us doing this more often in future.

With that - I hope you have a great weekend> What is your five for Friday?


  1. Sounds like fun but not the ER...I hear you. We also don't have the luxury of family taking Dudie on the odd occasion so that we could have a night off...For that we go to Cape Town and let him have a sleepover with cousins :-) hopefully coming up again next weekend

  2. This holiday is a little too short but today my children fought so much I was wishing them back to school. Ended up so stressed that my head is still pounding. Fjord also lost 3 days of fun after an allergic reaction to a bee sting, he could not walk at all. Your book club supper looks yummy.

  3. I thought this holiday was just long enough! Not long enough to completely forget old habits but just right for a break :)

  4. I'm so enjoying your 5 on Friday posts! As someone who works in a school, I must agree, this holiday is far too short!! Megan xx

  5. No holidays for us, but trying to keep up with the swimming holiday programme, while without a holiday almost killed me last week. I wish our school would just do the South African thing and have four holidays.
    We are also without any extended support structure and we have never had a child-free night. Not sure what we would do though.

  6. LOL, we usually save our ER visits for the December holidays and always for a fever that won't budge. After Liam having a febrile convulsion when he was 18 months old we are petrified of fevers.
    That food does look yummy.
    Don't all kids love a good picnic? Love it. Something so cheap and fun for all. Love the duck

  7. Hi Cat,

    Thanks for letting me know Rietvlei is open again. Great spot for an afternoon.

    You know that vlei in your photo has hippo in it, big ones. Often wonder about the point of that tiny wooden barrier.

    Still, nothing has happened yet.


    1. And we noticed the electrical fence was not working

  8. No. 3 looks YUM!! And No. 5 is SO necessary. Will and I also haven't ever had the luxury of having a family member/babysitter close by, so I know what a treat it must be for you now!


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