Tuesday, 1 November 2016

They say life happens when you are having fun

I can not believe it's been 3 weeks since I have blogged. But life has been super busy - at the office and at home with the kids. Last week in particular has been challenging. But let me give you a run down of our first 3 weeks of this term - one that seems to speed to an end.

1. I went camping with the Voortrekkers for our yearly fun camp. The venue has many fantastic activities for the kids and they all had heaps of fun. The human foozeball and a huge gladiator course based on the old Gladiators TV show was the absolute hits of the weekend. I had a very busy weekend taking photographs and attending to lost of bruises.
2. C made us so proud! He managed to score a gold award at the English schools speech festival. For a second language speaker that is a great achievement.

3. The yearly RAD ballet exam is done and dusted. It is always an event that causes it's fair share of stress although our dancer seems to take it easier every year. She did grade 4 this year.

4. On Thursday afternoon A had the unprepared drama Eisteddfod and with her lovely partner managed two A+ and one A++. It was a busy afternoon and we only finished up at almost 19:00. The boys were troupers through all this.

5. The short 4th term swimming gala season ended on Friday. When I asked the Princess if she wanted to swim in the last gala (seeing that she had a hectic 3 days in stall), she answer "duh, of course" - I love that spirit and go get attitude. She swam well and was happy with her races.
6. From the gala we directly drove to compete in the new Kyknet series "Dans in jou taal" that is being recorded at the moment. A and 7 of her dance friends had the chance to be interviewed and dance on TV. They did not go through to the final but it was a great experience. They only performed just before 21:00 so it was a late night. They did not go through to the final but it was a great experience for all.

7. On Saturday morning she danced her parents exam showcase for the ballet. Every year this leaves me in awe of how far the girls' ballet have come in a year.

8. I drove an initiative at the Voortrekkers to collect Santa Shoeboxes. It was a bit hectic at times to get all the lists and ages etc sorted but Santa Shoebox helped me (as did a lot of moms and even my office staff)  and we handed in 62 pledged boxes on Saturday afternoon. I love that we grew our 3 little boxes into this! It was such a positive and fulfilling exercise and I love how parents told me and messaged me that their kids learned so much about how privileged they are through this initiative.
With that I think we have caught up with most of the news. 2 week until exams start and then the end of the year is almost there. What's happening in your world?


  1. Super busy! Congrats on all the children's achievements! Well done on the Santa shoeboxes!

  2. I was wondering what you've been up to. Sounds like a hectic few weeks, but seems everyone has been doing super well.
    Well done on the Santa Shoeboxes. Wonderful

  3. I am in a similar boat to you where blogging is concerned. I have scheduled posts for my creative work and that is basically it. My life is somewhat chaotic and I just don't get time to actually surf the net and blog hop. I am so glad for you that life is slowly winding down now and that it will soon be holiday for you too xxx


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