Friday, 30 September 2016

Five for Friday edition 19

1. I have completed our first month of our very own doodle challenge. It has been a big change for me to work with the felt tip pens - I love the bright happiness of them. On the other hand I find them slightly crude to work with October may combine them with pencils - we will see. Join us on Instagram for the October challenge please? Anyone can draw - I promise - just try.

2. Another week has flown by like nothing and we are delighted that the kids are on holiday this week. They are all tired and can do with a change of routine.

3. This is the most sought after item in our house at the moment - one week old and already well worn. The boys have been planning all week how they will spend their birthday money on Lego.

4. Our Ocean baby has been to the vet twice this week and gave us a bit of a fright. She seems to be on her way to health and happiness. Let's hope this weekend will help her to full recovery.

5. The boys celebrated their birthday at school today as the school closed. I took ice creams an hour before the school broke for the holidays and it was so much appreciated by all. Although I have to drive a bit further for the ice cream shop now as the one close to us closed down it is still a great idea and quite economical

So tell me about your five for Friday....


  1. Love the doodles. It's so great to have a break from school. I love school holidays. We also had a vet visit this week, Floppy had a very nasty tummy bug

  2. Wow I love your doodle challenge! I may be a day late, and cannot draw at all, but I think I may just take up the challenge! Thanks for sharing! Megan xx

    1. Can not wait to see yours - remember to tag on Instagram and I will find it!

  3. Printed that doodle challenge and it is in my diary. The ice creams are great. I ordered the cutest little ice cream cups also for Friday birthday celebrations at school. The shop was really great and personalized them brilliantly.


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