Thursday, 24 November 2016

It' THAT time of the year.....

Aren't these simply gorgeous? The colour variations in one bush from my mom's garden.

The hydrangeas bloom. The shopping centers are adorned in Christmas lights and decorations. The awards functions are following each other in close succession. There's the end of this and the function of that. And work is hectic! Somehow every single year people leave everything to the last 3 weeks until we close for business.

You somehow feel you near the end and the end is just that few millimeters too far. Just out of reach - just.  Or a few glasses of wine too far....

But I guess you all know by now that I am tired. Finish en klaar. Kaput!

As I looked around me this morning at the grade 3 prize giving it struck me that without a doubt I was not the only parent that is exhausted to the bone. All around me they sat - eyes glistening to witness their child's achievements but their bodies tired, their souls exhausted.

Today is Thanksgiving elsewhere in the world. Although not a holiday we celebrate I love the spirit behind it. So let's turn our thoughts to being thankful. Thankful for children that give us reasons to attend prize givings. Thankful that they achieved and excelled each in their own way. Thankful for a work - because times are tough.  Thankful for time with friends and family and celebrations. And yes, for that glass of wine too.

Wishing you strength for the next few weeks ahead - the end is in sight! #2016mustfall

Please share just one thing you are thankful for today.


  1. Thankful for my work where I get to listen to people from history!

  2. Today it's coffee, so much coffee

  3. You have seen my Thankful Thursday post already but I too am very thankful for my JOB. Times are tough and it is more evident towards the year end festivities that I feel a little extra sad for those less fortuante than us....well done to your kids on their achievements. We have Dudie's prize giving next Wednesday. Oh I would live a drink but another 11 weeks of pregnancy😅 to go

  4. So thankful for my little family - the unconditional love and the many laughs the three of us share each day.

  5. We have Liam's Grade 1 prize giving next Tuesday. Guaranteed I will cry.

  6. Thankful for a roof over my head for work for friends and most importantly for my family


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