Thursday, 28 May 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

Oh my, I really have so much to be thankful of today! (Playing along with Nicole at What a trip!)

1. Most importantly, 8 hours of interrupted sleep - I feel like a new person. Maybe last night was just a lucky fluke, maybe we have broken the bad cycle, but it was bliss. No, I don't have a secret but maybe the shorter naps (1 and a half hours versus 2 and a half), homeopathic suppositories, our local homeopaths sleep drops, maybe the iron supplement, maybe the humidifier I added to their room are all starting to take effect after a few days? I really do not know. Probably the pain medication the pharmacist suggested to break the cycle for 5 days, who knows? All I know is that I have spent a fortune but that it was all worth it for a night's sleep. We also made it a matter of prayer - never underestimate the value of praying.

2. My mom is home, walking short trips and in such a positive mood. I am in awe of her quick recovery. And so thankful for it.

3. For my new red shoes and old red beads - they are going to be a winning team to brighten up my winter wardrobe.

4. The little Miss is now forced (due to my mom being unable to help me with transporting her) to spent Wednesday afternoons after ballet with me in the office. She is such a good girl, she plays on her own, is friendly to all - I am so thankful for that. Doing some "model building" below.

5. It looks as if one of our bigger jobs might get the go ahead at the office. This might just help to keep us afloat in the recession.

6. I am so thankful that we have had a much healthier winter this year - so far at least. Last year was a nightmare.

7. Our friend Ilse had a really tough time after Tessa's birth - she bled, almost had to have an emergency hysterectomy (at 36) and received 5 units of blood. But she is recovering well.

8. Little Tessa - if you are a regular reader you might know the story, if you want to know - go check here. When the 1:50 Downs syndrome chance was given to them they decided not to do an amnio due to the 1:100 risk of losing the baby, as they decided that abortion is not an option. Their trust in God was confirmed and she was born 100% normal. We have not seen her yet as both families have had a rough two weeks.

9. Her dad is now walking! Stefaan is walking with crutches, basically dragging his "bad leg", but progressing. He still spends most of his time in the wheelchair, but he is walking!

10. That The Little Miss is such a great sister. She is loving her brothers to bits.

11. And I have to add an extra one today: that Hunter is almost done with his first course. I am really admiring that he is pushing through - travelling to work each day, the kids, house and studies must be really tough. He is probably going to continue, which I think is great news.


  1. What a great post, think i might join in too!

    Love those cute shoes!

  2. I am glad you got some sleep and that your mom is doing better.

  3. Sounds as if you have so much to thankful for..great list..
    and I like the sleeping one...I hope some of that gets sent my

  4. SLEEP! Thank you God for SLEEP!

    Question from my Lion and Dragon who "read" this over my shoulder earlier... "what she building?"
    I told them "something out of Duplo" but it didn't cut it. They must know!

  5. What a great list! So glad to hear good news with Tessa & her parents! And sleep is the BEST!

  6. Great list! So glad that you got 8 interrupted hours of sleep! And, I LOVE your red shoes (one of my weaknesses)

  7. Great list. So glad to hear your mom is doing better and that you had a good sleep.

  8. I had 8 hours of interrupted sleep too. Amazing is it!?!

  9. YAHOO for a great night's sleep! It does help so much!

  10. That's awesome that you were able to get 8 hours of sleep. I'm still trying to achieve that :)

    Hope your day is fantastic!

  11. What a great list! I got choked up over Tessa. So glad to hear that all she was fine!

    Oh, and I love the cute red shoes!

    Happy Thanksgiving ThursdaY!

  12. wow...SOOO Much to be thankful for this week!!! YEAH for sleep!! Everything looks better after a good rest! So glad your mom continues to do dad's doing great too and been downgraded to just using a cane instead of a walker, plus the Dr. predicts he won't need physical therapy!

    That iS WONDERFUL to hear that Steffan is walking! WOW! God is Good!!

  13. you inspired me to do a thankful thursday post also... :)
    thanks for stopping by my blog. i really enjoyed readying the story of how you got together wiht your hubby.
    it's nice to know that someone survived with a toddler girl and twin infant boys. :) sometimes i wonder!!! haha

  14. Sleep...then NO SLEEP...then maybe sleep? However, you have the cutest RED shoes, that has to make up for some of the lack of sleep. Hope the boys might want to ask God for sleep angels; to give peace to the boys during their slumber. Try it...prayer works!


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