Friday, 25 November 2016

Five for Friday edition 23

1. We are two prizegivings down and one to go. Both the boys have made us so very proud. I am proud to know that they have worked hard and did their best - not that they received some or other particular mention.

2. A is writing her last exam today - we are all relieved that the weekends of study is coming to an end! Roll on relaxing .... We have two extra mural items that are wrapping up tomorrow and then really - R&R!

3. I have re discovered my love of photography. I always take pictures at school events - I like to treat "my village" of parents with pictures of their kids. It is always so much appreciated. But recently I was asked to do some family pictures for neighbours and yesterday I took some photos for students on the way to their end of studies function. I totally love this - although I am not asking a cent for it there is huge joy in the appreciation I get and the joy it brings to others. I guess I may have missed my calling in some way.

4. Simba sent us their new kettle fried popcorn to taste and try out. The verdict - amazing stuff - try it!

5.Wondering what to do with the kids that will not break the bank?
With the festive season around the corner, the FREE fun at The Fun Zone, brought to you by Hasbro, is back and giving kids the chance to play with some of the latest and greatest My Little Pony , Nerf , Play-Doh and Transformers toys this holiday period.

The fun will take place from:
  29 November - 2nd December at the Main Mall Court next to Edgars, Eastgate Shopping Centre from 10:00 am
 9 December - 15 December at the Mall of Africa from 10:00 am

 With that - I hope you have a great weekend! Any 5 for Fridays that you wish to share?


  1. We still need to buy presents for the teachers this weekend! 😱 Any ideas? But looking forward to the holidays coming up!

  2. I have also rediscovered my love for photography this year... I would love to write and take pictures and get paid for it. Ahhh but let's not forget reading.

  3. Yay on rediscovering your love of photography. You do take great pictures...


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