Thursday, 2 February 2017

The thing with gifts

Gosh it's been a tad quiet here? It's not that I don't have anything to say - I have lists and lists of blogpost ideas and some half written ones. But it's been busy - start of the year busy. I am sure you know what I mean. The year is a month old and A is going to her fourth birthday party already. No really! So today I thought I want to talk about presents.

I have always liked to gift money as a gift - and I do believe kids like to get it. Throw it all together and buy something proper. But on the other hand I have seen how much my kids enjoy getting a nice present among the money. A this year got a huge soft and very pretty swimming towel as a gift from one of her friends that also swims. She absolutely adores that towel that is hers only. It was a great gift that she will remember way after she has spent the money she got.

Our kids all have way too many toys to start with. As you all know (if you have ever read anything here) I am a tad passionate about books and reading. I honestly believe the word will be lost if there are no books and no stories. But books have become expensive and almost a luxury. So together with the kids we have decided that this year is our 'Year of the Book". We are giving books only as gifts this year - unless it would be totally unsuitable for some reason.

I send the mom a message to say "We are giving books as gifts this year - is there something specific your child would like to read?" Every mom (there were 5 already this year) replied so positively - with comments like "what a wonderful idea" and "wow - can I copy that idea? Because honestly I believe every mom either wants her kid to read more or has a kid that is reading everything they can find - and both types need new books. The first mom immediately replied with the newest released of a series - which was great . I bought exactly that. The rest did not have a specific idea - so what I do is to make a proposal and ask if they kid has the specific book. With the grade 6 girls we are building a series among them - I have bought 3 of them books of the same series (and A has another) so that they can swap out and read them all. I hope that somehow with this I can spur on the culture of reading.

So tell me - would you have an issue if I do this for your kid? Or will you be doing the happy dance? I have another gift post coming - about family gifts for Christmas in stead of individual ones.


  1. What a fantastic idea! My A already has three birthdays to attend this month. I also like the towel idea because thereis still a bit of Summer left.

    1. For her specifically it was a great idea with personal thought put to it. If you spend hours at the pool those huge towels are the bomb

  2. I love books!

    My kids once got two Roald Dahl books from the same friend for a birthday present and two Afrikaans books from Louisa, but frustratingly, we seem to be the only people other than those two in all the years who buy them books. Oh wait, they did get Bibles and Christian books for their baby dedication at 11 months :)

  3. The kids are young in our age group. I always gift books, puzzles and a voucher. They always seem to like them.

  4. Love it! Such a good idea. Books are the best gifts x

  5. I like the idea, not sure if my son would though - unless it is Harry Potter. Maybe a voucher for a shop where they sell books and cds?😊

  6. That is a great idea! I think we can move into that space now too, since 2 out of the 3 kids can read now...their friends should be able to as well.

  7. Perfect gift, last time my Mum visited she gave the children a book called 'The Midnight Gang' Fjord absolutely loved it and finished in 2 days, we will have to read it to Acacia next

  8. I'm the person who gives books, unless there is a themed present thing going on. Like K got a toy kitchen from us (and a book, always a book :p) so his gifts built on that.

  9. I like books and I've started doing that this year! Last year I did clothes


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