Friday, 3 February 2017

Five for Friday edition 27

Gosh Friday already!

1. Oh I adore taking photographs - I took some for a school function on Wednesday and I love love some of them! Some tells stories and some express emotions while others are just beautiful for being beautiful - showing light and composition.

2. The rain has caused havoc with the athletics meetings this season and it seems just like that we are done for now. Just for the swimming season to start in full force this week.

3. I really need to start drawing and doodling again. Our Au pair this year is an art student and she and A turned the humble paper plane into an artwork yesterday - I miss drawing.

4. Tomorrow promise to be a fun day for the kids - all 3 are attending water based parties at two venues - if it looks worth r  I will report back.

5. I can not really say our little dancer anymore, can I? But the dancer in our household has decided to add "ole" to the usual and 5,6,7,8's and attempt Spanish. At this stage it is this term only for the annual concert but we will see how it goes.

With that my 5 for Friday is done - care to share yours?


  1. I did my 5 for Friday as well! Love the water pictures, Cat!

  2. How cool is that paper plane? I love it!

  3. That water picture wow so lovely.... I saw the pic of A in her Spanish dance outfit.. so lovely

    Hope you had a good Saturday...


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