Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Let's be honest

The last few weeks have been some of the most difficult in my life. It's been hard and stressful and tough to make so many business decision on  my own. To try and take over from someone that had so much more experience in life than me. To believe that I can do this. But things seem to be slowly falling into place and there is hope on the horizon.

We have not bee away the holidays or any of the long weekends - honestly with all that was going on there simply was no scope to do that. But we had fun and some wonderful days in the mix.

Easter weekend was filled with great food , good company and lots of fun.

 We made candles and used up some of our old ordinary white candles and some of those millions of crayons every household has hanging around. It was great fun and came our really pretty
 We went to a very special little girls' 5th birthday celebration and had wonderful My little Pony cake to fill the rest of the weekend.
 I read two great Afrikaans whodunnits (with my birthday cake) - watch out for some book chat next week.
 My mom cooked us oxtail with samp and beans and peaches. She has not been able to cook us a meal in over 3 years with all the operations she had. It was a huge celebration that she was able to do this. She finished the meal off with her fantastic malva poeding.
 As per tradition in our church we took flowers to decorate the empty cross on Easter Sunday. It was a colourful celebration of our risen Saviour.

 Easter Sunday also saw the traditional Easter egg hunt - with oir great family friends. It was a day of fun, swimming and relaxation.
 While the kids devoured chocolate and spaghetti blognaise the adults ate:
 Chocolate too of course! (those ladybirds are the best)

 Lovely Dahl
 Beef curry
Great Cape Classique

And desert too (well we all had)
And we had another little celebration with the 5 year old.

It was such a great weekend!


  1. I would never have thought about reusing the old candles like that. I just trow those out, together with the pieces of crayon.
    Your food pictures make me want to eat it all...yummy!
    Glad to hear you are finding your feet businesswise. I saw the notice of your partner's passing and wondered about you. Good Luck, you are a strong woman and you will do well.

  2. Life in pictures. Wonderful. I feel like some chocolate now, yum

  3. Great idea for candles!
    Good that you are finding your feet! (Literally and figuratively! 😉)

  4. Question - do the new (old) candles burn properly?

    I used to make candles in my (extreme!) youth and it's hugely satisfying and tactile to warm the wax and pour into the candles.

    These days I'm so lazy so I just keep them as bases for the tealights but maybe I should look for a cheap pot again at the crazy store and play.


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