Monday, 14 August 2017

Boy those speeches!

Guys it is a mad rush at the moment. It feels like survival mode all the time. Work is super hectic - I hardly have time to think. The stress is immense. Evenings are filled with school stuff, more work and at least I feel I want to read just a little bit. It's my poison of the moment - well, it's always been a saving grace but now even more. To settle my mind and relax a bit.

We are having a super hectic term - it is madness. Third term is always a busy one and this year it is even worse. It is revue year - which means each and every child is participating in a huge concert - that runs over weeks of repetitions and shows. The grade 6 kids also has the yearly adventure camp next week and as the kids are not suppose to write tests the day after a show things are condensed into weeks. This week C has so may things I can hardly keep track. A has a lot to handle too and L has a speech - which for him is possibly the most difficult of all things to handle. Thank goodness our au pair nightmare seems to be over and our new one handled most of the work for this week on Friday afternoon. But honestly I already feel I had enough. (I will tell you all about the au pair thing later)

There are test and projects oh and the very worst for me - the orals! I really do not enjoy writing them and none of my kids like doing them so it always feels like an uphill battle. I hate them! Honestly.

So now that I have that off my back, how are you all doing. And what do you hate about school work for the kids the most?


  1. Reading your post makes me feel way better about my is nowhere near as busy as yours. We are currently on school holidays, and we have eased off the schoolwork for now.
    Good Luck with all cat.

  2. Goodness, sounds stressful. I hope things ease up for you soon.
    Liam is only in Grade 2 and is an only child. I'm glad I don't have to juggle the projects of 3 kids. Respect. I stress with orals too. It does help to have him talk about things he is interested in. This weekend we had to make a sock puppet. Luckily Liam chose and earthworm which is pretty darned easy, haha


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