Monday, 25 July 2011

Some Monday bullets

So how was your weekend? And what's happening? Well in our world:
  • After 2 nights of relatively good sleep - well actually quite a few, last night was a bummer. I am totally totally lost in this department. I have no more advice or ideas.
  • The Princess has joined a once a month art club - a fantastic idea. But a separate blogpost later this week.
  • She had the most amazing party on Saturday - my word, adorable. But a total blogpost to follow (hopefully) on Wednesday. A little teaser:
  •  Yesterday we baked a cake - a simple sponge cake with lemon frosting. It was a total hit with the whole family.
  • On Friday I am going with the Princess to her future school's open day - they are all going in their pre- school shirts with their moms (or dads). Grade 1 is getting so real now. I am taking the rest of the afternoon off - for me time or us time for her and me.
  • The Princess is hard at practice for her first ballet exam. Lots to take in and do. Hence I am going to take a DVD today for her to practice on.
  • I am so not looking forward to the cold that is heading our way. Come on summer!
  • We worked in the garden yesterday morning - all 5 of us. I love it! It is therapeutic and teaches the kids a lot.
  • I was at the worst course ever on Friday! Absolutely terrible. At least I earned one point. We have to earn a certain amount of points every year to stay registered as professionals. Really a schleb thing.
  • That shooting in Norway shocked me - I kept thinking how scared those kids must have been. I kept having flashbacks at terror exercises we had back int he 80's at school and that this must have been like a real life one. Amy Winehouse's death - no shocker. Really. I have sympathy for her beloved ones. But I feel no shock about it - were we not expecting it?
  • We have our first serious OT homework and I have not started with it. Looking for a second hand scateboard.....
  • My BIL and SIL are expecting their second little person - a boy child, much to the dismay of the Princess who was rooting for a second girl cousin.
  • We have our first clivia blooming. 
  • Many of you did not know me our my blog when I started more than 3 years ago - I am thinking of doing an "old post of the week"  feature showing you some of my favorites. What do you think about the idea?
  • And in blogging news - I am way way behind on reading blogs and commenting. I will get to it - I promise. 


    1. Ahhh, grade 1 is so special :-).  Well here for our kids it really starts when they turn 5 and start school as a new entrant and then year 1 the start of the following year.  So for Bianca that was the start of term 3 2008 and then year 1 at the start of 2009 and for Caitlyn that will be on the 22nd of Feb when she turns 5.  I remember Bianca insisted on taking an apple for her teacher.  And it had to be a red apple like in Pinnochio, but not overly shiny like in Snow White (because that was a poisoned apple) :-).  I think Caitlyn said she'll be taking a pear :-)

      The shooting in Norway is just so shocking and scary :-( and I have to be honest I'm not shocked about Amy Winehouse.  Feel for her family who must have been through hell with her drug and alcohol abuse and now they have to deal with the aftermath.

      My grandmother loved clivias and I think her brother used to propagate and grow his own - all sorts of colours which he would then sell.

    2. Lynette Jacobs25 July 2011 at 14:12

      Love the look of the teaser!  The shooting in Norway was shocking...and I can just imagine the fear of those young people.  What makes it worse is that this is a country that are totally oblivious to the possibility of terror attacks.  Yes, I do believe we knew that Amy would come to such an end...but it is still sad that so much talent was wasted.  It is sad that she had all the money in the world to help her get out of her addiction and she just didn't want to.

    3. A Daft Scots Lass25 July 2011 at 14:59

      Great points...

    4. Just wanted to say hi,m and that I have started reading your blog recently and finally have a chance to respond. Thanks for all your comments and support on my blog. Hugely appreciated. You are a fantastic person! xxx

    5. @google-8e1d6384b88fe63f167446332a704abc:disqus What a nice surprise. Thanks girl!

    6. Nothing beats gardening. Now if it would just get warm enough!

      And I love the "old post of the week" idea!

    7. Sounds like lots of fun things to fill your week(end). I know what you mean about realizing that Grade 1 is so close. We got word the other day that our two WILL start school this fall. It is exciting yet scary...a post is ready to go for this week about it all!

    8. The favorite blogposts is a great idea! This grade one thing is scary hey. My miss is also going next year. Then both my kids is of schoolgoing age . shock.horror

    9. You have alot going on right now!  Enjoy the open day on Friday and "your" alone time together :)

      I would love to see old blog posts.  Great idea.

    10. Ag ja, and today is freezing again.

    11. Wow!  Lots going on!  We have to start getting ready to go back to school soon too.  Just about 4 weeks until back to school here.

    12. I agree - so ready for the summer to come
      I have to agree with you regarding Amy Winehouse.
      Can't wait for the post re the party :)

    13. Sorry about the sleep :(

      I am also totally over this weather!!!

    14. I hope the sleeping is coming along better now?


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