Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Little man L's evaluation

Little man L had his evaluation this morning and was his charming self with the therapists. He is such a little charmer - I swear he will one day be an absolute hit with the girls regardless of looks. He just oozes charm and personality.

The Speech therapist is very happy with his progress and will make a final evaluation in 3 months time.

The Occupational therapist is very impressed with his fine motor skills but worried about his gross motor skills. She believes if his core strength muscles can be developed further he will probably be fine. He definitely has low muscle tone and compensates with body movement where the muscles are too weak. She will evaluate if he needs OT in 3 months time.

The Physical therapist also diagnosed the low muscle tone and believes that the early diagnosis will save us a lot of problems in future. We are starting with Physical therapy next week for a 3 month period after which evaluation will take place again.

The asked me a couple of questions about myself and pointed out that I have low muscle tone (wow- that explains a lot to me!) and that I am also tactile sensitive - that is not news to me - I am really bad with funny textures etc. I can not get oatmeal into my system or tapioca or anything like that. And a scratchy jersey will irritate me even through layers of clothes. I can barely wear a polo neck jersey. So they have suggested I do Pilates and start again with my yoga asap. But where will I find the time for that?

Well, we are very positive that the little man will move forward rapidly and develop quickly. The mom is off course another matter all together.


  1. I'm so glad they are on top of this and now you have ways of fixing the problems early on. How weird that you also have low muscle tone and that wasn't picked up earlier. Wonder if it's genetic or just a coincidence?

  2. Yeah!! That's great news...thank goodness for things "caught in time".

    ...and how neat to learn stuff about yourself that you never knew :)

  3. It sounds like L will be just fine! And just wait until you see him charm a swimming pool of teen girls when he gets to Miss A's age, like my R did this summer -- too funny!

    And I think you and I have yet another thing in common -- the tactile sensitivity (though I didn't know I could be oversensitive until you posted). I can eat oatmeal, but not tapioca (makes me gag), and turtlenecks, itchy sweaters, and even long-sleeved sweaters drive me crazy!

  4. Glad they are getting some help. After all we just went through I was relieved they didn't find anything major with J but was also kind of frustrated that they all agreed something isn't quite one is doing anything about and just waiting. I know he is making LOTS of progress on his own, but still...sometimes we just want things to happen and see results. Good luck with the therapy!

  5. just caught up on some of your recent posts. sorry to hear you had some mummy anxiety about little man L but also really glad to hear your note of optimism. he's a lucky little man to have a mummy like you.


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