Friday, 1 August 2008

5 Things Friday....

Seeing that I have mentioned the oatmeal thing this week, what about 5 Things I WILL NOT eat...

1. Well, no 1 must be oatmeal. I just can not get this into my system - I gag constantly. Yes I know it is one of the world's wonder foods, but I can not eat it. BTW all the kids love it, and so does dad.

2. I do not eat brussel sprouts. It tastes revolting, sorry to say. It is the only veggie that I do not eat - in fact I love veggies in general.

3. I do not like tripe or any other organ type meat (save for chicken livers that I love). This is a texture and fat issue - I find it way too rich and fatty - and well, not pleasant too see an eye in food! Although that doesn't bug me in fish and shrimps.

4. I do not like halva (Israeli sweet). I do not like the taste and I do not like the texture.

5. And I do not like marzipan - too sweet, too almondy (although I love almonds). That is also one of the reasons we did not have the traditional South African fruit cake with marzipan icing wedding cake - we had a lovely carrot cake.

So what about telling me what foods you don't eat? Leave me a comment and I will add your name to this mail.

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  1. Most of these are on my list...mostly cuz I don't know what they are ;) (Halva?) Hmm. I totally agree about the whole eye thing in food. Same goes with Tongue...I refuse to taste anything that can taste me back! ;)

    My 5 things post is up!


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