Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Oh no!

Oh my gosh guys, I have by mistake rejected some of the greatest comments left on my blog ever! It was just a slip of clicking the wrong button - reject iso publish! And Blogger says: "Rejected comments are deleted and cannot be recovered. ..." Please accept my sincere apologies. I do still have them in my mailbox, so I will add them manually - if your links are not there, sorry girl. In my defence - I have a terrible head cold, can not take much medicine (breastfeeding) and hardly slept last night - yes, Mr C. is teething and The Little Miss was in bed with me, puking twice and runny tummy 3 times. You girls rock! Thanks for the support. If you want to know what Tinker and I are on about: our blogging buddy Tertia is being accused by some misdirected christian that she was a murderer because she had IVF etc. If you are interested - have a read on her blog - go back a couple of days. Hope to do the weekend report later today and tomorrow we have our (a bit late) 9 month well baby check-up.

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  1. Oh no! I hope the kiddies are feeling better soon!
    How awful! I hate when people can be that judgemental! Just terrible!


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