Thursday, 21 August 2008

At last, the weekend report!

We had the best date night in a long long time on Friday night. We went to the Arthouse cinema and watched "Paris J'etaime" - several short films rolled into one feature all connected by the themes of love and Paris. It was fun to pick out the familiar faces amongst the unfamiliar - Nick Nolte, Natalie Portman, Marianne Faithfull, William Dafoe etc. all in small little roles. It is not a new film, but these type of films takes a long time to reach our shores. We both loved the movie (which in itself is a rare occasion) and after the movie had a lovely meal at Crawdaddy's - a late night restaurant with great food. We both had a good steak, some great South African red wine and shared ice cream and Belgian chocolate sauce. Yummy!

I met two great friends at the Irene dairy farm - a working dairy farm with a lovely country cafe, for tea and cake on Saturday morning. The Little Miss loves it there - heaps of space to run and things to do. Off course we almost played tag amongst the 3 of us with one of us running around with her for a good half of the time. For the rest she polished two strawberry milkshakes and a plate of fries as well as played and danced around near our table. I just love the way she keeps herself busy for hours in her own little world.

Peeking into Jewls' handbag to find the odd sweet lurking around in there.

Petting a "cow" uhm - a calf actually.

Checking out the fish in the dam.

Little man C sharing a smile with Jewls.

Little man L having a cuddle with Elize.

In her own little world pebbles become walls, and cages for her pretend dinosaurs.

My favourite picture from the day - floating leaves on the water.

The rest of Saturday was spent watching the Springboks loose to the All Blacks (Ugh!!!!) and having the usual braai (barbecue) - lamb cuts and venison sausage.

Sunday was spent quietly at home - we both got the chance to read the Sunday newspaper, relax on the couches (nod off and sleep) while The Boys and The Little Miss took a bumper afternoon nap. Almost heaven!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! Great pictures.

  2. Ok so those kids of your are just so darn cute!

  3. Sounds like you had a fun, nice, fulfilling weekend! I'm glad ou enjoyed yourself!


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