Thursday, 9 October 2008

Weekend report

So I can hear you saying, here we are on Thursday and nothing about the last weekend yet! And I have been known to bypass 3 weekends in a row with no postings! Still have to catch up on those! So here follows the weekend, mainly in pictures:

Farmers market on Saturday morning. We buy a lot of our fresh produce there as well as chicken, meat, cheese, milk, yogurt, flowers etc. We also met up with Aunt Surene and cousin Nicola.

The Boys had their first taste of pancake (SA style - like crepes) with cinnamon and sugar.

The Little Miss and I made Rice Crispy cakes.

And had a Little tea party with real Rooibos tea, ceramic mini cups and hats.

And I went riding and took the camera along to take a picture of our smallest horsewoman.

On Sunday morning it was one-on -one time for me and The Little Miss - we went to a local nursery with a tea garden, petting zoo and playground.

She was a teensy bit scared of the parrot.

She loved the bunnies, off course.

And made friends with an Angora goat - the munchies basket the kids get to feed the animals is so cute!

But what she enjoyed most was splashing in the water that ran through the nursery. I bought 4 roses which I really hope will bloom and bloom like my mom's. My mom is a rose fundi - you should see her garden!

And my favourite of her - catching a ride on an eagle statue.

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  1. What a fun girl's weekend. I know she'll remember this special time with you always. The kids are so cute eating their pancakes and I envy your neice's gorgeous hair.


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