Monday, 22 February 2010

Sometimes the growing up happens too fast...too fast for mommy at least.

Sometimes the growing up just happens too fast.
In the blink of an eye another milestone comes and goes.
And so it was this weekend.

I dropped her off on Saturday after ballet at around noon.
With a quick hug and a wave I was dismissed.
I phoned at around 6 which would be the lastest she ever got home after a playdate.
She was fine. She didn't even want to talk to me.
I was sad.

I sms (text) the mom at 9:30, only to receive a message back that she was peacefully sleeping after going to bed with no complaints.
I phoned at 8:00 the next morning - she was happily playing and....wait for it.... did not even want to say hallo to mom.
My heart broke - my girlchild is all grown up.
She had her first sleepover, and she didn't even miss her mom.

I missed her so much!
I am sure this is just a taste of what the future holds as they get more and more independant and we feel less and less needed.
Another bittersweet moment...


  1. Ahhh...that must have been tough for you. I guess we have to take piece in knowing you did your job as a mom well raising an independent & happy child. I'm already starting to feel that my son doesn't need me as much as he used to and he's only 16 months old! -Jenn (from SITS)

  2. It's hard not to worry when they are away, and it doesn't get any easier. My 12 year old son went away for a 3 day school camp recently, and even though I knew he didn't need his mum I still kept thinking things like "Hope he remembered to clean his teeth ... hope they don't stay up talking too long .... hope he puts his sunscreen on etc etc" To me, he is still my cute little baby boy.

  3. I had to get used to this early on. Kiara was 2 when they started going to their dad for weekends.

    It is still hard and I can handle the 2 nights they are away but more than that and I miss them terribly!

  4. Yeah...they'll rip your heart out if you let them...stinkers!

  5. They do grow up much too quickly.

    Your little princess love to pose:)

  6. Aw, they do grow up much too quickly. *sniff sniff*

  7. they do grow up way too fast.

    And trust me the happy sleepover is better than the 3 AM call of please come get your screaming and inconsolable child. Trust me.

    Thanks for stopping by my place.

  8. Oh my goodness! That *IS* growing up! Wow. I'm so not looking forward to that...

  9. My kids have only had a sleepover at granny's house... so you're ahead of me there. What a scary thought, to let them go!

  10. It does happen more and more but the good thing is it means you're really good at your job.

  11. That would totally break my heart too!

    Some days I wish I just had 30 minutes to myself, but I'm hoping sleepovers will not happen for quite some time yet.

  12. awwww...*sniff sniff*

    I was sitting at dinner tonight, watching and listening to my older two and seriously was in awe of the little people they have already become - just over the little things.

    I hope lil Miss made it up to you when she got home! I'm sure she truly missed you but was caught up in the moment of having fun (which is truly what we want, right? just hard to let go and not be missed...;-)

  13. Oh, that's a big one! Hang in there!

  14. LOL, she's a big girl now mommy! ;-)

  15. Sad, yes. But to know that you're raising a secure and confident girl - that's worth cheering!

  16. I will never forget the first moment I felt my heart walking around outside my body. Ever since, I've been trying to figure out a way to get her safely back inside. Feeling your pain my dear friend. This is another moment I do not look forward to. Not from my point of view anyway.

  17. Separation anxiety happens on both sides. Great job making her a well-adjusted confident little person.


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