Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Ah yes, and the fun continues....

So I phoned the Paediatrician's receptionist yesterday morning at 8am, right when they open. I swear, she knows my voice by now and no, she can not move our 18 month check-up a day earlier as our doctor is sick as well! In fact, she had to call me to cancel. But she made a plan with her partner, a very sweet elderly doctor who when we arrived, agreed to do the 18 month check-up as well.

We are going to the nurse practitioner in two weeks time for inoculations and check-up and I'll do the stats then as hers are in general more accurate. But but seems like their growth is continuing on the same curves, so all is well. He is delighted that Little man L is walking at a reasonably earlier stage than his general experience is with hypnotic children and loves that he is holding his crayon in a specific manner which apparently is way beyond his age. Little man C obviously is continuing to be the absolute average kid, doing everything according to the "correct" age. He is very happy with their vocabulary and the fact that Little man C is starting to join 2 words. So all seems well on the development side.

On the health side, well, we are in trouble once again. Little man L has now succumbed to croup, the only child that has not fallen to it this year - he is coughing but coping well. Little man C is worrying! He has bronchiolitus and at last, his asthma is confirmed. He is now on chronic asthma meds at least until winter has passed as well as an inhaler, which he seem to cope with. They also ran a whole battery of blood tests to draw up a paediatric allergy profile in the hope that we will find out what triggers the asthma. I have a feeling about dairy... and I hope it is not animal hair. In any event, allergies are expected in my family. Both my gran on my father's side and I have struggled for years with mutating allergies. But that is a whole post on its own. I just hope we find something that we can deal with.

At least we had a good night's sleep last night - after a week of very little sleep we were both zombies yesterday. We paid our nanny to sleep in the Boys' room last night - I got up at 12 to help her with the nebulizing and then went back to sleep. I am feeling like a brand new person today! That sweet woman - what would I do without her? She also helped me to bath them and do their meds and get them to bed last night as Hunter had a class.

Oh and to add to the whole sad storey - I had one cold-free week, just to have it back with renewed force yesterday. The paediatrician, (such a cute man) joked that he could do a script for me too! But gave me good advice - it is due to complete exhaustion that I can not get rid of the cold. Just go to bed at 8 he says, and see if you can get some more rest. Sure thing! As if I can... And pile on the vitamin C - more do-able at least.


  1. I hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. My mom and brother both suffer from pollen allergies but thank goodness my kids have escaped allergies as I have a house full of animals. Hope you maid can catch up on some sleep as well. You will have to take it in turns.

  3. Hang in there!! Glad the developmental stuff looked good despite the asthma and colds...

  4. Oh my your poo little boy. :(

  5. I hope you all feel better soon!!


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