Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Grinch that stole Mothers day.

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Or that is the only way I can describe it! It certainly was not my fault, or my moms - she is very sore at present, or the kids - they were just being kids. Or Hunter's either - I was fully aware that he was going to be away on the day. I was just hoping for a pretty ordinary night and day with ordinary behaviour. Boy, was I wrong!

I should have known when Saturday night started out badly - the plan was to curl up in front of the TV and watch Prince Caspian, which was showing on one of the TV stations. I was really looking forward to this! It was not to be - The Little Miss had trouble falling asleep - in fact, absolutely exhausted in trying to eat my dinner and getting her to bed, I went to lie down with her. She finally fell asleep at about 9:20 - Prince Caspian was long into the story and my dinner had to be re-heated again. After tidying and doing tomorrows milk sippy cups, I went to bath. From which I was called by Little man C, crying. (This after we have had a whole week with uninterrupted sleep for the household.) To which I returned cold and shivering half an hour later.I ook a quick hot shower to wash the soap off. I decided sleep is the best option.

I ended up sleeping on the bottom half of The Little Miss' bed for most of the night, making frequent trips to the twins' bedroom. She cried so loud that she woke both up at a stage. Good times, good times!

At least we all slept late (7:45 am) and then had a quick breakfast and got ready to go to granny to treat her. The Little Miss was just plain miserable the whole time - turns out she had an allergy to a foot cream of mine and had spots over her feet and hands that was itching and burning.( Obviously also the cause of the sleep trouble) To the chemist to get cortisone cream, to Woollies to buy some ready made food to treat gran ('cause for sure I was not cooking for all), to find out their chicken oven broke. Had to change my plans, but still worked out ok. By now the kids were irritated in the shops and we made gran's house just missing meltdown.

Gave gran her presents, after which she presented me with a surprise Hunter had lined up for me - presents he left there on Thursday night and flowers from her. Sweet man! At least The Little Miss was a bit less clingy and crying but The Boys as so busy they almost drove me off the cliff - additionally I found out why the were crying all night - tummy ache). I managed to get lunch organised, but my mom can hardly walk at present, so I have to basically serve 4 apart from myself. By 1:30 I was exhausted and ready to head home. If I only could get all 3 kids in the car, carry everything on my own to the car. At the last minute, Little Man C had another nappy, and no more left in the bag - found one with the side tab that broke off and stuck onto him with duct tape. I packed up crying, hysterically. I guess I just needed to cry - I do not do that often, just about twice a year, but it is like a cleansing, a purging effect - and I was plain exhausted. And to top it all - camera batteries flat! I have no photos of Mothers day this year! Felt much better after. What did it was the card - oh my gosh, yes, I enjoy irony, but not today, not that specific day.

My loot for Mothers day:

A handmade card and heart cookie made by my princess at school:

The offending card:

It reads:" It's Mothers day mom, so so this is what mom must do - relax, do nothing....

if dad can, mom can too. Happy Mothers day.
Very ironic, taking that I did everything for everybody for the day - but to be honest, dad does pull his weight at home, so ironic in that sense as well.

My favorite Sally Williams nougat . Really great stuff.

And this great and seriously funny book - which I can not wait to read.

And proteas from my dear mom - these will last up to 4 weeks. (South Africa's national flower)

On our way home The Boys fell asleep and both had a good 2 and a half hour nap.The Princess, off course, had no inclination towards a nap, none whatsoever. S0 mom had no nap.

Off course, hubby redeemed himself totally when he arrived at home at 4:30 pm looking stunning in his bush clothes, took the kids and the puppies for a walk (I took a quick nap), helped with dinner, bath and bed and made a stunning steak braai dinner for me. With a glass of good Cape Merlot, my day ended so perfect.

Yes, it was rough, but it was great. I am so thankful for my kiddos and my dear hubby and know that by granting each other the time and space to do what we enjoy, we are keeping the person in tact that we fell in love with. And that is the most important part. There will always be another Mothersday to follow.


  1. Whew Girl - I declare a do-over for you for Mother's Day! I remember when the girls were babies - my first Mother's Day was rough due to lack of sleep! I love the gifts you got! And I know what you mean about the crying - I have to have a good cry every now and then too!

  2. Sounds like you had a rough Mom's Day. I declare that you get a do-over filled with movies and relaxing this weekend!

  3. I am glad you made it through your bumpy ride:-)

  4. Wow. I think you did need to cry after all you have been through... you have had a time of it :(
    I pray you get some uninterupted sleep and you get a do-over. I agree with Missy... you should ask for a second chance :)

  5. Oh boy, BIG HUG! Since I'm guessing it's still too soon to make jokes (probably next mothers day will still be too soon) I'll just say that it's one you will remember.
    I totally understand the purging tears. I do them too, just a couple of times a year but they are cleansing tears. Although they really achieve nothing tangible you feel better for them.


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