Tuesday, 28 July 2009

So what's happening?

Gosh, a lot is happening around here! You might have noticed that I have been a bit quiet. So let's get started:

Firstly, I can not believe The Boys turned 22 months on Saturday! Gosh, they are really not my babies any more. Have to start thinking about a birthday party.

Little man L:
He is now consistently sleeping through after the sleep training. The last 3 nights we are having issues with falling asleep. He wants cars (about 6!), his crutches(ok - I will explain that one in another post) and his blanky and half snipped dummy (we are snipping bits of blaming it on the mouse). Then he still cries and eventually with some coaxing he falls asleep. He is now remarkably smaller than his brother and it seems like the difference is growing all the time. His allergies are under control at present and he will see the ENT specialist as well as the Allergy specialist next month.

His speech explosion has thankfully also started and progressing just when we thought we had trouble. He does not talk a lot but have made 4 word sentences on occasions. He has thrown his first tantrum last week and is doing it regularly! Gosh, we have our work cut out on this one, but it is not as bad as The Little Miss was. And he is still our little daredevil and has a total telephone obsession.

Little man C:
He visited the Allergy clinic last week and was such a brave boy! He tested positive for only one allergy - cats! His poor cat-besotted sister will have to live without one. And it is on a huge level! Hunter's office has a cat at the office which is probably the culprit. We are in trouble with visiting the grandparents though - they have dear Hobbes in the house.

He has been on a speech explosion for the last two months and is literally learning a word (or more) a day. He is regularly stringing two or 3 words together. He also had his first tantrum about a month ago but seem to be low on the tantrum radar. I think we have the first back molars coming soon. He is also great with sharing and taking care of his more emotional brother. But he is unsure in situations that he deems unsafe.

The Little Miss:
My little happiness is still doing so well - her maths at school is progressing so well and I am just in awe about what she learns every day. Yesterday I was show how our taste buds work! We have to make some decisions about her schooling and have to debate and investigate a lot in the next few months.

And I cut her hair (with her consent) to shoulder length. We are all just so tired of the knots and tears at hair wash and brushing time. She is loving it - I am loving it! And she looks so cute.

He has taken up more subjects for his studies this semester. It will test us all, on different levels, I'm sure. But I am so happy is is progressing with this.He is currently on a hunting trip for the week and I am sure he is having a great time.

I am so stressed with work issues and to top it all we have a pending court case for fees against an ex client and I am the main witness. This is a new world for me and have completely got me over the top today - I am shaking, I just want to cry and yes, I am just way over any level that is fine. I am so not fine. But I will be once we are in court and I will fight for our rights.

I am also not doing so well with the gym as I hoped and only went once last week -just due to being so busy that I found no time to go! This week has been a loss as well, but I will go today.

Hope all is well in your part of the world - regular posting to stat again soon!


  1. Cat...You guys have been SUPER busy! Yea for "L" sleeping better, Sad for "C" cat allergies (the furry kind), LOVE "Miss" Hair cut...You have SUPER ADORABLE kiddos. Good Luck as the STAR Witness...Tell the Truth and YOU WILL BE GREAT! Curious...what is Hunter hunting? My husband hunts deer in Alabama...intregued to know what one would hunt in SA.
    Have a great week...loving the "you know your in SA" posts!

  2. I was wondering where you were and I know I. Glad things are going well for the most part. Love that language explosion. We had one here a few weeks ago.

  3. Sounds like everything is going well!

  4. Cat:

    Ouch....those tests had to have hurt....hope everything turns out good.

    Come by and see my giveaway your daughter would look so cute in the hairbows.

  5. Whew! SO much on your plate - as always. I am glad the boys are doing well as is Lil Miss. Glad the sleep training helped, too! Yeah!

    Good luck with the court case...hope it all goes ok! Hang in there!!!

  6. Oh Cat----breathe....

    It will all shake out okay. Love the photos of your darlings...hang in there! Will be thinking of you. :)

  7. Girl, you sound maxed out. Cut yourself some slack where you can.


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