Friday, 24 July 2009

You know you're in Africa when....part 4

You see these flowering everywhere this time of the year ( winter). These are all Aloes and indigenous to South Africa. Their leaves have many medicinal proposes ( Aloe Vera is well known for skin and digestive system healing) but the beauty of them especially in nature in the dry Karoo is stunning.

For some more great photo moments, pop over to Carrie's on a Friday and play along.


  1. Wow, how beautiful. Aloe rocks - I have a small aloe plant in my kitchen for burns.

  2. Wow~That is your winter?!?


  3. I didn't know they got so big!

  4. Oh how very cool! We have aloe plants here, but they are TEENY TINY. We use it for sunburn :)

  5. Wow never saw a actualy Aloe plant before...very cool. I use it all the time for sunburns, works awesome. Great for the skin. Stopping by from Carrie's FFFF.


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