Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The 5th birthday report

She had a great birthday....

Opening presents in mommy and daddy's room after waking up. I got her the most beautiful book called "Fynbos feetjies" also available in English as Fynbos faeries - truly spectacular illustrations, and of course the tutu I made (more about that later)

A full view of the evening dress my BIL and Sil sent her (comes originally from Dubai). She also got lots of other pressies from family - a Disney princess magnet play set, coloring books, a snow globe with a unicorn and some play make-up.

The big hit was the compact little kitchen daddy gave her.

When Lucy came she brought flowers and pretty beads.

The afternoon I took time off work and took her and Emma to the Spur restaurant. Boy, did they have fun!

Cream soda seems to be the "in" drink.

Hugs for a best friend.

Sparklers as the staff came to sing

My mom bought her this Barbie styling doll . She absolutely loves it and spent the rest of the evening playing with it. Once again, she wants to be a hairdresser.

She could choose what she wanted for dinner and the choice was lamb chops, braaied by daddy. So the 3 of us had our own little braai and she went to bed at 9:30 - very very late for her. But she had a great birthday.
So about the "No Sew Tutu", she eventually got around to playing with it last night:

I think it came out absolutely beautiful!
So here's the secret - I followed the basic instructions here.
I used 1,5 meters (about 1,6 yards) of white, pink and light purple tulle and cost me only R70,00 ( about 9 US$). I stitched the elastic, but the rest was no sewing involved. Only took me about an hour to make! The Lil Miss mentioned that it looks like Barbie's in "Swan lake", and it does!

Here you can see how I alternated the colours and tied a ribbon for decoration.

I am truly so happy with how it came out. Give it a try - makes a really great gift. Guess what friends are getting this year.


  1. That tutu idea is so clever! I'm almost sorry my daughter, and my son for that matter, have passed the stage of wanting to wear tutus all the time. (Oh the fights they used to have when he appropriated her clothes!)

    Happy birthday to Lil Miss, it does indeed look like she had a great day :-)

  2. Oh, what an adorable little princess. And what a party...

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  3. Happy birthday to the Little Miss. It looks like a fantastic fun day for her with all her favourite treats.

  4. Wow! That looks like a little girl's dream birthday:-)

  5. I see a little girl who is SO loved when looking at the photo's!!

    Wonderful presents for a 5 year old princess, I know my granddaughter would love all of them as well, she turns 5 in April.

    For Xmas we gave her the blond barbie head as she is blond and she also loves it.

  6. What cool gifts!! Love that Barbie hair thing.
    Very clever tutu, she must be so pleased with it

  7. How adorable! The tutu are a great idea - I have made a few for the girls and they love them. Love the sweet pictures!

  8. I love that tutu! I will keep this bookmarked for when my grand daughter gets to the age that she would love it.

  9. Your tutu turned out beautiful! Looks like she had a great birthday! The dress is gorgious! Love the sparklers in the birthday cake!

  10. Gosh that evening dress is stunning!!

  11. Looks like a wonderful b-day, glad it was a fun day! Your pictures are great!

    Love the tutu, I found a how to on youtube and did one for Brenna last Christmas, you are right, very easy and affordable!

  12. Loven tha tUtU! I am going to have to give it a try...Looks ike she had a FAB birthday!

    Happy Birthday Princess!

  13. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day for her!! And what a gorgeous dress that is.

    And holy! Look at that tutu!! I'm sooooo going to (try to) make one for Maggie :)

  14. I LOVE her dress. That is beautiful!

  15. Sounds like a wonderful day!! Her dress is beautiful...wow!!! Is it for a special occasion??

    The sparklers on the dessert looked like LOTS of fun! And what cute face paintings!!!

    Thanks for sharing the new sew tutu!! I might have to give that a try!! Sarah would love that!

  16. http://danmihalache.wordpress.com/2010/01/13/bob-dylan-must-be-santa/
    All the best from Dan.

  17. that tutu turned out sooo nice!!!
    i think i'll try to make one for my little niece!

    happy birthday to your little girl...she's so cute :)

  18. LOVE how you made the tutu extra long like that! So pretty and she is right! Just like Swan lake!

    Looks like she had a wonderful birthday.
    Thanks so much for playing along today too :)


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